Monday, September 28, 2015

Know What Makes a Grandma Happy?

A three page letter from her granddaughter who is in basic training, that's what!

I was so pleased to receive that letter last week.  That is the first word I have had from her since she left the end of August.  I have read it so many times I think I may have it committed to memory.  I've been writing to her regularly.  She can't call out yet so mail is our only communication.  She said she was doing fine even with having tonsillitis and a sprained ankle.  The girl is tough.

She was relieved to have qualified on the shooting range.  She said she was disappointed with her score, but considering that she has had only a brief session with any firearms prior to enlisting, I was just glad she qualified at all.  She is determined to improve her score.

I called her mother to tell her I had heard from Nicki.  She said she got a letter as well.  We compared notes.  Nicki wrote to her about hand grenade practice.  They threw several dummy grenades and then two live ones.  She said it was "so cool!"  All I could think of was that I am really glad she grew up playing baseball so she knows how to throw.  Far.  Very far.  Far away from her.

I'm not sure where my daughter got this photo, but she posted it on Facebook so the relatives could see it.  It is the only picture of her we have seen since she left.  It was taken just after she finished the gas chamber training.

"Nicki doesn't look like she enjoyed the gas chamber."

She will be home for Christmas.  She says she just wants to give me a big hug.  I wrote back that I thought there might be a hug here with her name on it.  Probably more than one.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Letters from home are always welcomed. I see Grandma sending her back with many baked goods after Christmas and beyond.

  2. Rob...You're right. Her Mom and I are waiting for the list of things we can send her, once she has finished basic.

  3. Nobody enjoys the gas chamber. She came out of it looking pretty good, I have seen folks look a hell of a lot worse, believe me.

  4. Harry...That was the main thing about basic that she dreaded the most. I had seen a video about it so I kind of knew what she was in for. I thought she looked pretty good, too, all things considered. :)