Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So yesterday the furnace man comes into my apartment.  Yep, the same guy who was looking for heating ducts in the attic that doesn't exist.  As he deposits black mud from his boots all over my kitchen floor and on the carpet in the other two rooms, (Where does he find this mud?  The ground is covered with clean, white snow.) he proudly tells me that he has found the problem with the heating system and my living room should now be warm.

This morning it is 58 degrees in here.  That is a nice temperature if you are going for a walk along the river on a beautiful fall day.  It is not a nice temperature for an apartment in the winter.

I think I will go make another pot of hot coffee, turn on my oven, open the oven door and sit in front of it until my toes thaw out.

I may have to flay someone before the day is out.  And maybe borrow Number One Son's new hat!

Grumble, dirty swear words, grumble some more!

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