Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fishin' and Flippin'

There is nothing blog worthy going on here in my little Home Sweet Apartment this week.  Just the usual scrub and buff, laundry, etc.  I am using this week to get all of those long neglected chores finished so that next week I can do some serious grocery shopping, canning and dehydrating, without feeling guilty about leaving stuff undone, or having to look at stuff undone.  My closet pantry needed rearranging to accommodate the items on my shopping list, so that has been a priority.  I sure wish I could work as fast as I once could, but a person can't have everything, I suppose.  On the bright side, now that my pace has slowed, I find that I take more time to stop and smell the roses, as it were, than I did when I kept up a breakneck pace.  That isn't a bad trade-off.

So until I am actually doing something worth writing about, I give you "Fishin."

Youngest son took his son fishing the other day.  Jacob loves to go fishing.  He really wanted to catch enough for supper that night, but it was not to be.  I'm thinking that the time spent drowning worms with his Dad was pretty good, in spite of the lack of fish.

And here is the "Flippin'" part:

Boston has been working really hard to master the ariel, and she did.  Determination and practice paid off.  I've noticed that she is really good to help her younger sister with these gymnastic moves they are learning, so I was pleased to see that she nailed this one herself.  Good for you, Miss B.

Yep.  I'm bragging.  Grandmas get to brag.  It's in the contract.


  1. I missed this one. Sometimes blogger and I don't see eye to eye.
    Fishing a a stress free sport. Can do lots of thinkn.

  2. Rob...The boy loves to fish, as does his Dad. They come by it honestly. I have spent many hours drowning worms and giving minnows swimming lessons.

  3. He sure does like fishing and I enjoy the alone time with my boy.

  4. David...There are very few better ways to spend a day than fishing! And the alone time is good for you both. Glad you get a chance to have that time.
    Love, Mom