Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Dogs Know...

how to take care of one another.

Little bitty Lily the Yorkie has been having eye problems lately.  She either has a sort of cold that settled in her eyes or it is allergies.  At any rate, her eyelids become matted with gook.  If it gets to the point where her sight is hindered, she will come to me and pester me until I take her to the kitchen, set her on the table, wash the gook from her eyes and administer the drops from the vet.  Then she goes bouncing away, a happy pooch again.

She will also pester me if she decides whatever I am doing isn't nearly as important as pets, ear scratches and belly rubs.  Yesterday I noticed when she wanted attention, the fur around her eyes was wet and there was no eye gook.  Same thing this morning.  So I started watching both the dogs closely.

It appears that Jessie Jane has taken it upon herself to keep Lily's eyes clear.  She spends a lot of time cleaning them.  Lily just sits there and lets her.  Almost like mama cleaning her pup.

I have two kennels.  A smaller one and a larger one.  I don't lock the dogs in unless there are people here.  They are free to come and go and they sleep in them.  Both of them love the smaller kennel and there is always a race to see who gets to it first.  Jessie Jane usually wins.  But the past couple of days, Jessie Jane sits and waits to see which kennel Lily wants, and lets her have the small one with no fuss at all.   Under normal circumstances the one who loses the kennel race will come to me and tattle, but not lately.  Lily's eyes are much improved and I expect the problem to be cleared up soon, at which time I have no doubt that the great kennel race will be on again.

Whoever says that dogs can't figure things out for themselves has had either really dumb dogs or never had one at all.


  1. Nice to see them take care of each other. Our cats are like that for maybe 30 seconds and then is WWE Raw or drag city as they race through the house at 3am.

  2. Rob...Yeah, it's fun to just watch them sometimes and see what they will come up with next. They give me lots of enjoyment.

  3. Dogs are smart animals. They are very useful and loyal friends, as well.

  4. It doesn't seem to matter what is going on, dogs love you anyway. There ability to figure things out on their own is amazing. Someone once said that they hoped to be the kind of person his dog thought he was. Good point.