Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mow the Lawn

A couple of weeks ago I watched a documentary where a Holocaust survivor went with a group of high school Seniors on a tour of Auschwitz.   The children were respectful and listened attentively to the survivor's descriptions of what life was like for him as a prisoner there, obviously moved by what he said.

At one point the group was walking across a grassy area and one young man pointed at the luxurious lawn and asked who had mowed the lawn at that time.

The survivor replied, "Mow the grass?  Nobody mowed the grass.  If we were lucky enough to find a blade of grass, we ate it."

Keep on prepping.


  1. They also drank their own urine...

    To me, the shocking thing is not what these people did to survive, but how they allowed themselves to end up in that position in the first place. Seeing what happened in Venezuela and what's slowly happening here, I think the answer is slowly being brought to light...

    1. Pete...They did many unspeakable things in order to survive. Many gave up but some were determined to live - and they did, to their credit.

      Those who want to destroy us just keep chipping away at our freedoms. A new gun regulation here - a rule that doesn't allow free speech there - like taking slivers off a block of ice. Soon there is nothing left and there we are.

      I don't know if it was a difference in the times or a difference in the people themselves, but I just can't imagine quietly leaving my home and climbing into a cattle car. I, for reasons I can not fathom, have been lately drawn to watching the videos of the survivors telling their stories, and I have found that most are nearly the same. Slowly those people went from having normal, happy lives to death camps. And each step of the way they complied. The restrictions, the star on the clothing, the rationing of food, the move to the ghettos and finally the camps.

      I don't care what anybody says. It can and will happen again. It might not be as obvious as singling out the Jews, but there are those who are already being singled out.

      Conservatives. Christians. Us.

      And like those times past, most are completely clueless.

  2. Replies
    1. It is sad, Rob...and worrisome that so many believe it could never happen again.

  3. I am with you, Vicki. Knowing our history just might be very helpful as we prepare to enter another dark period in the world. Yet, too many would rather ignore the past and live among their fantasies. Evil is lurking all around us, yet most are choosing or refusing to see it for what it is. I sure would like to be wrong, but I think I'll keep an extra couple of canned goods on the shelf. Take care and continue to prepare, CWfromIowa

    1. CW...You just said it better than I can. I'm not saying we are going to have another Holocaust, but living in a land of unicorns and fairy dust and paying no attention at all to our history is the best way I know to fall into darkness. All I need do to get a glimpse of evil is to listen to what the twenty plus presidential candidates are trying to sell us. Scares the bloody hell out of me. I don't know much, but this I do know. I will not go quietly and I will not comply. And I will keep prepping as long as I can - and as much as I can!

    2. Amen! The debates gave me a very unsettled feeling. I can't imagine what it would be like if either of those candidates was elected. AND, it could happen! Their beliefs are so foreign to what I grew up with in the US. Scares me too! BJ in GA

    3. BJ...I didn't watch the debate last night but caught snippets of it on the news this morning. Can't say as any of it surprised me. Those candidates are so far away from the America I grew up in that if any one of them is elected, America will be unrecognizable. I'm not saying we are perfect now, for we aren't. But it seems as though their desire to turn us into a third world socialist dictatorship is overwhelming. What really scares me is their lack of concern for the safety of Americans and their total lack of respect for the Rule of Law. God help us. We may need it.