Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Old Freezer - Rest in Peace

It was a good old freezer. Not too big. Fit nicely into the kitchen of my rather small apartment. Gave me over 15 years of faithful service. Kept frozen gallons of ice cream, many pounds of meat purchased on sale, countless loaves of homemade bread and bags of veggies. It made the trip from Missouri where it first came to live with me, to Minnesota, without a whimper.

And then it hiccuped.

Just a small thing. A couple of days ago I was reading blogs that I follow when my computer screen went black - just for a second or two. Not enough to even shut down the computer. I thought it was just a little glitch in the electricity in our town or in my building. I live in an old building in an old town. Little glitches happen now and then. Nothing to worry about.

Then yesterday, another two second screen black-out. Now I was beginning to wonder what was going on. Checked connections and outlets and discovered that the outlet where the freezer was plugged in, was not working. Hit the reset button and it still wasn't working. Went to the breaker box, reset the circuit breaker and Ta-Daa - everything worked. I am so smart!

Well, not all that smart. While pulling the freezer away from the wall to check the motor to see if dust bunnies were raising large families in it, I found that the side of the freezer where the motor is, was hot. Not warm. Hot! Fry an egg hot. Probably should have checked that first. Upon opening the freezer door, I discovered a lake in the bottom and bags of thawed food. Yep. I was staring into the face of a dead freezer. Lucky for me, it was a nearly empty dead freezer. And even luckier, I found out it was dead before it burst into flames.

Enter my youngest son, riding his white charger. He had planned to take me to Sams Club so I could stock up on food for the freezer. He even said that he would haul it all up the stairs to my apartment for me. I don't do stairs too well any more. Especially while burdened down with bags and boxes of frozen food. (Ask my oldest son about this. He has been my pack mule on many occasions - huffing groceries up my stairs. Without complaint. Bless him.) I called youngest son and told him about the demise of my freezer and that I would have to postpone our food buying excursion. An hour later, my phone rang. It was said son on said charger. He had found a new freezer for me, just the right size for one person living alone, and at a price that would fit into a fixed income lifestyle. Not only that, but there was free delivery involved as well as free disposal of the now dead old freezer. He would take care of the details for me and let me know when delivery would take place.

So good-bye old friend. You have served me well. And thank God for adult children who ride in on their white chargers to save the day.

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