Sunday, September 3, 2017

Family Stories and Pictures

I have decided that the easiest way to share family stories and pictures was to set up another blog.  This is not a genealogy blog.  I tried that, but with such a large family and with the mountain of information I have collected over the years, that one soon became cumbersome.  This new blog is simply to share family stories and writings as well as photos.  I am starting with the Paul family for I have lots of writings by my grandfather and his brother, Walter.  Later on I plan to get into the other branches of my family.

The name of the new blog is "Remember When."  When setting up this blog I found that every genealogy or family related name had been taken.  So I finally gave up and used an address that I knew would be available.  It is:

I have hard copies of all the stories I am posting for this branch of my family and will do the same for the other branches, for we can not count on the Internet to always be here for us.  But until then, it is my hope that my children and grands will take this opportunity to acquaint themselves with those who went before, for they had a hand in making us who we are today. 

It is important to remember.


  1. Thanks, Rob. The new blog is the only way I could think of to share the stories and pictures with any who are interested. And even if nobody cares, I still have them all in one place.

  2. Thanks, SJ...Seems like a way to help keep my family history from being lost.

  3. I have been saying for a year that I was going to do the same thing. I need to get onto it. I am the oldest, so I remember things about the immediate family that know one else remembers. My parents and brother just younger than I are dead. So, lots happened in those years that I can tell. My next sister is three years younger and does not remember anything about our lives and family until she was six. Yes, I ought to do this!

  4. Linda...I am not getting any younger. I have collected many stories and photos over the years that would be lost if I didn't do something. A blog was the best way I could think of to share them with family. Don't wait. Just do it!!