Monday, May 19, 2014

A Fairy House

A year or two ago, my granddaughter Boston had as one of her class projects the designing and building of a fairy house.  Don't ask me why the class built fairy houses, for I don't know.  I just know that she had fun building it.

This year Maddie Mae has the same teacher that her sister had, and Maddie was excited because that meant she got to build a fairy house, too.  When we were having lunch on Mother's Day, she told me all about it, describing how she was building it.  Today was the big day when she took her finished project to school.

Dad helped her just a little bit with the construction, but the ideas were Maddie's as were the decorations and most of the construction.  My favorite is the Jello pool in front with the Peeps floating in it.  She decided that fairies, after all, like Peeps as much as she does.

That is one pretty cool fairy house, Maddie!  You did a great job.
Love, Grandma


  1. Rob...She sure had fun with it - and I think her daddy had just as much fun helping her!!

  2. Dani...Yeah. She's such a sweetie!