Sunday, May 25, 2014

Maddie's Aerial

My granddaughter's dance routines involve a lot more than just dance steps.  There are gymnastic moves that add to their performances.  One of these moves is called an "Aerial."  It is basically a cartwheel but the hands don't touch the ground.

Maddie Mae has been working hard to master the Aerial.  And yesterday, she nailed it.  Her Dad sent me this short video clip.  This is the first time I have tried adding anything here besides photos, so
please let me know if it works.


Way to go, Maddie!  Your hard work paid off.  I'm so proud of you.

Love, Grandma


  1. Wonderful. Thanks for letting me know. The kids get a kick out of appearing on my blog, so I really wanted this to work.

  2. I would have broken my neck trying that, even at her age! Looks like she's got it though!

  3. She worked long and hard to master that trick. way. I'm a craven coward!

  4. I did a somersault once and ended up going to a dr and that ended that. I was a teenager so maybe too old...;)

    ah to be young and lacking experience again. big grin

  5. That looks dangerous. Like performing with no net.

  6. Rob...Last year at the girl's dance recital, their Dad did cartwheels across the stage as part of the Daddy-Daughter Dance. While practicing for that, he wound up sitting in his Dr.'s office. I think you need to be young and fearless to do that stuff!

  7. Harry...It looks dangerous to me, too. That's probably because I know that if I tried something like that, I'd be hauled off on a stretcher!