Sunday, May 11, 2014

What a lovely day...

I had today!

Those kids who couldn't be here called this morning to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.  One had to work and the other was spending the day with her grown-up son.  Oldest daughter had another commitment, but when she brought my vac to me last week, she gave me a Mother's Day present of a gift card good for four haircuts.

David, Staci and the Grands took me out for lunch.  That was a real treat, as I rarely go out to eat.  The best part was sitting with my grandchildren and listening to them tell me all about what they have been doing.

They wanted to take me to get my hair cut.  They said that way I wouldn't have to take the bus to get it done.  They said that the girls wanted to watch when I got all of my long hair cut off.  So off we went.

The lady who cut my hair was so very nice.  She let my granddaughters stand right there by me so they could see.  I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, so the beautician put my hair into two braids.  Boston and Maddie were astounded that the braids measured 18 inches long.  Their eyes were big as saucers when with a few snips of the scissors, the braids lay on the counter in front of me.  I've got to say that my head feels considerably lighter!

Afterward the kids wanted their picture taken with Grandma, so we went outside for that.

Then the beautician who cut my hair asked if my son would take a picture of me holding the braids.  So he did.

It seems the shop wanted it for the part of their website about Locks of Love.  Boston and Maddie were impressed!!

And then we headed for home.  The kids came upstairs so they could pet the cat and feed treats to the dogs, who were in ecstasy.  Kids and treats.  Their lives don't get much better than that.

I am blessed with children who remember me on Mother's Day, even if they can't be with me.  I am truly one of the lucky ones.

I received one more gift - a gift card for Kindle books from Amazon, so I believe I will browse and pick out some books to add to my collection.  And then I think it will be time for a nap.

It was such a good day.


  1. Gorges...It really was. Being with those kids is just plain fun!

  2. Bless you for caring Vicki :) it feels good to donate what you do not require anymore, don't you agree ;)

    18 inches - that's a lot of growth!

    Your grands look delightful :D

  3. Dani...Yes, it does feel good to be able to donate. I've done this once before after a friend told me that for her, losing her hair during treatment for cancer was like adding insult to injury. I couldn't help her at the time but I can possibly help someone else now. It took over 4 years to gain that length.

    My grands are a delight to me. Watching the reactions of those girls when I was getting that long hair cut off was just a hoot!

  4. We all had a fun time. Happy Mothers Day and lots of love from us.

  5. David...It was a fun day. But then, it always is when I am with you, Staci and the kids. Love you all right back!!
    Love, Mom