Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photos By Nicki

This spring Nicki took a trip to Montana with two of her friends and the parents of one of those friends. I hear she had a wonderful time. I love it when Nicki goes someplace and takes her camera with her. She is so very good at capturing what she sees. Here is just a small sample of the pictures she took on her trip.

Thanks, Nicki. You made my day.
Love, Grandma

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch With Family

I hang my head in shame. I really do. I have been a slacker when it comes to blog entries. I offer no excuses. A few words from family members like, "So, Mom. I checked your blog and saw that there haven't been any new posts. How come?" and "I've been looking for new pictures, but I haven't seen them yet." etc., have prompted me to, as my father has been known to say, get the lead out of my britches and get going. I finally downloaded the photos from my camera and here they are.

A while back, Kelly was working in the area, and David thought it would be fun for us to get together on a Sunday for lunch at his house. We did, and it was.

Jackie came down from Bemidji and I was so glad she was able to join us. Jeri and Chris picked me up for the ride to David and Staci's house. Chris drove, and even though I just couldn't resist a little bit of teasing of a new driver, I must say that he did a good job of getting us there in one piece. Duane came in from Gaylord and said he couldn't miss the opportunity to see Kelly and Jackie.

David fixed grilled ham and cheese and Reuben sandwiches to go with the salad that Jeri brought. I think next time I will have to bring twice as many chocolate chip cookies, as they disappeared in a flash. Good food and good conversation seem to be a hallmark of our family get-togethers and that day was no exception. It is so good to catch up on what everyone has been doing. Just spending time with my family warms my heart. There is nothing better than a house full of brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren. I truly hope that we can do more of this come summertime.

In six weeks I will have no excuses for not keeping up on blog entries. Right after Memorial Day I will be officially retired. I finally will have the time to spend taking pictures, blogging about them, taking the dogs for long walks, working on projects that have been sitting on closet shelves for a long time, spending time on my computer searching genealogy websites for those long lost black sheep in my family that tickle me so when I find them, and in general, enjoying my life. I think I will like this. Life is good.