Thursday, May 30, 2024

Here we are...

 We have known this time was coming.  We really hoped that our beloved country would be spared.  No such luck.

This really isn't about Donald Trump.  He is just the tool the corrupt left is using to stay in power.  

When you can bring bogus charges against your opponent, tie him up in court during the campaign process and use corrupt prosecutors, judge and jury to convict him, you have fallen about as far down as is possible.  Morals?  Nope.  Caring for those you have taken an oath to protect?  Not happening.  Using every foul means to win an election?  Absolutely.

If you think for one little, bitty minute that all of this has nothing to do with you, you are sadly mistaken.

Where do they go from here.  They have already allowed millions of illegal aliens into our country.  Who do you suppose is paying for all of their benefits - housing, food, medical, etc.  How many killers, rapists, terrorists and disease and drug carrying people are here now.  Nobody knows.  And if the left gets their way, there will be no end to that particular madness.

How about the billions of dollars sent to finance a war that is none of our business.  Perhaps our homeless vets could make good use of some of that.

Your grocery bill gone down any?  How about the price of the gas in your car?  Anything else you buy cost less now?  I doubt it.

I am not a huge fan of Trump.  There are things I don't like about him.  And I don't, even for a second, believe he is our savior.  But I do think he loves our country and would do his level best to save this nation, where it sure does look like the opposition is doing everything they can think of to wreck the country we love so much.

Keep preparing.  Watch what is happening around you - stay safe.  And above all else, pray.  Pray for us, our families, our nation.

As a good friend says...powder dry, larder full, Bible open.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


 I worked for a while on organizing my family tree for printing.  Seems like having hard copies for many digital documents might be a good thing.

Then I found a couple of boxes of forgotten denim and flannel.  So now there are boxes of denim and flannel squares, ready to be sewn into quilts.

And tomorrow my grocery order includes pork that is on sale ($2.29 / lb.), cabbage, carrots and onions.  More "meals in jars" will be canned over the weekend, this time in quart jars instead of the pints I have been using.  A few packages of ham are thawing to use along with the pork.

So, when my son asked what I had been doing, and when I told him, he remarked I have the attention span of his dog, Oreo, who loses her mind over squirrels and bunnies.  :)

I know he is right.  I have always had many more interests than any one person could possibly manage.  But now I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.

Anybody but me having that feeling like the proverbial second shoe is about to drop?

For you youngsters - The idiom "wait for the other shoe to drop" is a common expression that refers to the feeling of anticipation or anxiety when waiting for something, usually negative, to happen.

And when that shoe does hit the floor - and we all know, deep down, even if we will not voice it, the shoe is now mere inches off the floor and the crash is on the way.  So perhaps a variety of interests could just serve us well.  The more we know how to do for ourselves, the better off we will be.  

I'm not talking about the folks who are busy practicing their Paul Bunyon woodsy skills or are all excited about 'living off the land.'  I wish them well with that fantasy.  I'm talking about knowing how to garden, preserve food, fill their annual deer license for meat in the freezer, raise hogs for meat and chickens for meat and eggs, keep a milk cow.  And if you can't do those things - kinda doubt my landlord would be happy to find a pig in my living room and chickens in the kitchen - figure out how to adapt.

Watch the grocery sales.  Find a good deal?  Buy as much as possible.  (I do not leave some for the next person.  If the next person wanted what is on sale, they should have been at the store sooner.)  Grocery store meat may be canned.  So can frozen vegetables.  They last longer in jars than in the freezer.  Buy flour.  Freeze the bags for a couple of days to kill any creepy crawlies and their eggs.  Bake bread.  Leave expensive packaged cookies on the shelf and find Mama's recipe for chocolate chip or ginger snap cookies.

Do whatever you can for yourself.

Nobody is coming to help.  In fact, those who are supposed to care about "we the people" are the very ones promoting this mess we are in, to say nothing of doing their level best to send our kids into battle.

I think the phrase I will practice is, "NO!  I WILL NOT COMPLY!"

Stack and pray.  We're gonna need it all.