Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Behind the Scenes

 Earlier this evening I watched a video from "Appalachia's Homestead with Patara."  Here is the link:

Texas Trucker Convoy & "Patriots" Bullying other Patriots? (youtube.com)

Patara makes a good point.  Why are there efforts NOW to slow down the invasion crossing our southern border?  Why not 1 - 2 - 3 years ago?  The border crossings were just as illegal back then as now.  So why wait so long before taking a stand?

I'm not bashing Texas.  I am grateful that someone is at least doing something to help alleviate the situation.  But what I wonder is - while all eyes are on Texas and while eyes are on the cross country Trucker's Convoy taking place - what are politicians trying to sneak past us?  You know they are.  Why else would they be working on a new law when there are already laws on the books regulating immigration.   

Me...I don't trust a single politician any further than I can toss them. 

I'm thinking that if we haven't been spending time in prayer, perhaps now is the time.  This whole situation does not bode well for the average citizen.  The only help we are going to get will come from above.

Sunday, January 28, 2024


 Yesterday I saw a news article about Congress working on a bill to fix the problem of illegals crossing our border.

If memory serves, don't we already have laws concerning immigration?  And wouldn't it be a simple matter to enforce those existing laws rather than trying to come up with new laws?

Politics at its finest!  Why bother to follow our laws when politicians can royally screw things up instead!  I am so done with the lot of them.

Sunday, January 21, 2024


 I got a call from my son a few days ago.  Actually, it was a FaceTime call.  He showed me what he was cooking for supper and he showed me a cyst on their dog's tail that will be removed soon and he showed me his lovely wife so I could wave and say 'Hello.'

But mostly the call was to let me know that he would be stopping by to see me Friday morning.

His oldest daughter had given her Mom and Dad each a book.  The books are filled with questions about their early lives.  And then my Granddaughter decided that she knows about her ancestors, but knows very little about her Grandma's early life.  So my son brought me one of the books to fill out.  I hope my memory still works.  It should.  I couldn't tell you what I had for supper two nights ago, but I pretty much remember the 50's and 60's!!

This book is not something to be filled out in an evening.  This will take time.  It asks questions beginning with my birth, through childhood an on to young adulthood.  I actually think this is a great way to preserve family memories.  The website for the book is:


There are a couple of questions In the book I'm not sure I can or will answer due to the answers being very personal.  But a lot of the questions trigger memories.  One is asking which parent as a toddler I liked spending the most time with.  That reminded me of my Dad telling me that I liked to "help" when he was working on his car.  While he was working under the hood, I was busy at the other end bashing the tail light with a rock.  :)

I'm glad that my Granddaughter wants to know more about her Grandma.  I wish I knew more about my parents and grandparents early lives.  It is a good thing to keep family memories and traditions.  So many seem to be lost just now.  Nothing is as important as family and faith.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

From The Past

 I was digging around in my computer files, unsuccessfully trying to organize old pictures and genealogy documents, when I stumbled upon this old blog post.  Since I have had a number of 2 AM sleepless nights lately and because I still have odd thoughts skipping about in my brain at that time, I thought perhaps my kids and some of the rest of you might find the following either interesting or amusing.  Take your pick.  :)

2 AM Musings

One should never fall asleep around suppertime and wake up after 9 PM.  It really wrecks going to bed at a decent hour.

And to make it worse, strange thoughts float around in one's head at 2 AM.  Well, to be perfectly honest, strange thoughts aren't really all that unusual for me, but I digress.

I was wondering, at 2 AM, why my parent's generation was so terribly worried about what people would think.  Like the time when my Mother's doctor prescribed a shot of brandy at night to help her sleep.  Mother made Dad get the brandy from the druggist rather than the liquor store, even though he paid twice the price at the drug store for brandy in a prescription bottle, because she was afraid of what people would say if they saw him coming out of the liquor store.

As a kid, I went through a stage where I wore mostly jeans and my Dad's old flannel shirts.  I lived in the country.  I played in the woods.  I grubbed around in the garden.  I did yard work.  I sat up in apple trees and read books.  I liked jeans and old comfy flannel shirts.  But Mother was always after me to change clothes because what would people say if we got company and they saw me dressed like that.

My 4-H softball team practiced on Sunday afternoons.  I loved playing softball.  I was a pretty fair shortstop.  But Mother was worried about what people would say if they knew that I was playing ball on Sunday, which was a day of rest.

I always wondered who "They" were.  Who were these people who were just waiting for my family to do something out of the ordinary so they could say whatever it was that they were going to say.  I probably, in retrospect, shouldn't have posed this question to Mom, for, as I recall, it got me a week of living in my bedroom and a month of Wednesday night Prayer Meetings at the church, no doubt to pray for the state of my rebellious soul.  I think that having a daughter who was, at that time, a bit of a free spirit, must have been a trial for her.

Odd, the things one remembers at 2 AM.

Saturday, January 13, 2024


 Yes, I know it has been a while since my last post.  I sorta got busy.  No excuse.  Just fact.

I began canning again this week.  I was running low on chicken canned in half pint jars, so 16 of them were processed this afternoon.  Tomorrow - 4 lbs. of carrots.  After that - 18 lbs. of hamburger.

I have several unfinished projects - mostly quilts - that need to be finished.  Should have been done by now.  Especially since snow and then below zero temps are on the way for Minnesota.

I have discovered there are a vast number of people who are clueless about the state of affairs here in the USA.  Some doctors are among those.  Had a phone appointment with mine last week.  It has been my experience over the years that at nearly every appointment, there are suggestions for changes in my diet.  Apparently, Cheetos and Oreo cookies are not on the favored list. This time fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meats were suggested.  Also I was to eliminate pasta and bread.

He got sort of grumpy when I reminded him of the price of groceries and suggested that if he expected me to dine on fresh food, perhaps he would be willing to foot the bill.  And because I had the good sense to stock up on flour and yeast, bread was one item I could afford to make.

Anybody else failing to recognize our country any more?  I just don't get it.  When exactly did much of the population become stupid?  Why do so many think it is OK to chop off body parts and pretend that men are women and that women can become men.  When did so many of the younger generation decide that socialism is a good thing.  And why, in the name of all that is holy, did patriotism beome a bad thing!

I don't know where all of this foolishness is leading, but my tendency is toward non-compliance.  I am a grumpy old woman, after all!  There is not one single person in any form of government who knows better than me how to live my life.   But they continue to try.  It is called control.  Nope.  Not buying into it.

I can't change much.  But I can continue to prepare.  Seems like now, more than ever, the importance of stacking it to the rafters is essential.  So is prayer.  Often.

Take good care, my friends.  I think that cliff is dead ahead and close.