Friday, February 23, 2024

Attention Prayer Warriors...

 A friend of ours, B. W. Bandy, who runs the blog "Everybody Has To Be Somewhere," is in the hospital following a bad car accident.  He has given us much pleasure with the photos of rural Canada that he posts.  Perhaps we could return the favor with our wishes and prayers for his recovery.  Details are in his post today.  

The view from here (

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Time Flies By

 Anyone else feeling like time is running out for us?

I look around and see so much that would have been condemned by my parents and the preachers who preached in small churches across our nation.  In my opinion, Mega Church preachers fall in the same category as politicians.  

I'm not going to dwell on the horror that is now my homeland.  You all know what is happening.  Contrary to the belief of those in charge, we the people are not - for the most part - stupid.  Stupid is when we believe everything we are told by our "betters."

Those in charge do not give a rat's ass about any of us.  They care about getting reelected so they can continue to line their pockets with their ill-gotten gains.  

I find that the bad news has become overwhelming.  I don't even try to keep up with it all anymore.  I scan headlines so I am aware if the hoards are headed into my neighborhood.  I can do absolutely nothing about the rest.

What I can do is make sure my family is taken care of when the inevitable happens.  And that is how I spend my time.  And that's where I have been.

Grocery prices are still heading skyward.  But I am still buying what I need to make sure my storage area is as full as possible, knowing that food will cost more next month than it does now.

Quarts of beef stew base (veggies and seasonings to heat, thicken and add canned beef cubes to for a quick meal), more chicken and the leftover stew veggies were all canned last week.  This week my grocery order includes frozen hash browns, broccoli and green beans to dehydrate.   In between the food processing sessions, I have been putting together and packaging dry soup mixes, flavored rice mixes and other dry mixes.  They are handy to just dump into a crock pot for an easy meal.

I have been spending evenings either crocheting an afghan or putting together quilt tops.  This winter has been unusually warm for Minnesota.  Today it is 43 degrees here in the Minneapolis area.  Mid-February normally finds us shivering in sub-zero, snow blowing, frozen slippery roads weather.  Still important to finish the quilts.  This heat wave could turn icy in a flash.

No election will save us.  No politician cares what happens to us.  Only a miracle can change things back to the place they should be.

Our only Savior is Jesus.  If we forget that part, we really are doomed.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

One of the Good Ones has Passed

 I was today informed by one of my readers that one of my favorite bloggers has gone on to his Heavenly Reward.  Gorge Smythe of "Gorge's Grouse" fame has passed.

I have followed Gorges for a number of years, commenting on his blog and he, commenting on mine, with an occasional email thrown in for good measure.

He described himself as an opinionated curmedgeon.  He was.  And he also had a sense of humor second to none.  His antics often brought not only a smile to my face, but laughter as well.

I never knew what his dog's real name was, for he always referred to her as "The Mighty Dachshund."  But within his writings was the love he felt for the long bodied, short legged pooch.

Gorges shared his family with us, as well as the beauty of his home state of West Virginia.  Through his porch sitting posts, he brought his world to us.  And I am forever grateful to him for that.

I will miss him.


Thursday, February 1, 2024

Pay Attention

 Patara at "Appalacia's Homestead With Patara" posted a video today.  She says exactly what many of us have been thinking.  I urge you to watch this video.  And then, if you aren't already, Get Busy!

🦇 You Live in Gotham Now 🦇 - YouTube