Thursday, June 30, 2022


 A couple of times each month I get a phone call from some sincere sounding guy who wants me to donate to a police/firefighter fund.  I usually just hang up on them.  But this time I let him get through his script that ends with him telling me I can donate whatever amount I want. 

So this time I asked if I could just donate to my local police.  He didn't seem to like that idea.  So I said that my uncle and my cousin were both officers on our local police force and it would be much more convenient for me to just write a check and give it to my uncle.  (He lied to me so I lied to him.)  The caller didn't like that idea either.

I spent another few minutes coming up with ways to avoid sending him any money until he finally hung up on me.  Made my day!

More serious information will follow in a day or two.  Right now I have broccoli in the dehydrator.  I have a couple of experiments I want to try involving dehydrating cooked pasta and rice.  So when that is done, I will be back with the results.

Keep on prepping!

Friday, June 24, 2022

I Do Not Understand...

 why there are women in the streets tonight, protesting the fact that due to a Supreme Court decision, it is now more difficult for them to kill their unborn babies.

I do understand that there are those who believe motherhood is not for them.  I do not fault them in any way for their decision to remain childless.

But if a woman does not wish to be pregnant, perhaps it might be a good idea for her to keep her knees together or to use one of the many methods available to avoid pregnancy.

If she would rather kill her child, then may God forgive her, for I fear I can not.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

This and That

 I have been neglecting this blog lately.  I have no excuse, really.  I can truthfuly say that stuff gets in the way and consumes my time and attention.

My dehydrators have been running and I have added potatoes, spinach, onions and more eggs to my food storage.  This past Thursday my groceries were delivered and they included 8 one pound boxes of strawberries that were on sale.  In order to freeze them along with 4 lbs. of butter, I had to remove several bags of frozen peas to make room.  It made no sense to run the pressure canner for just peas, so I dug deeper.  When all was said and done I had 9 pints of peas, 3 pints of celery and 25 pints of meat - hamburger, pork and chicken.  

I haven't been overly concerned about the power blackouts discussed on various preparedness YouTube channels, but when the local news put out the same warnings for my area, I figured it was time to clear out the freezer as much as possible.  Taking stock of the number of empty jars I have left, I am thawing out enough food to fill them.

It has been suggested that perhaps people would take being prepared more seriously if politics were not discussed here.  I understand the sentiment, but it is my belief that the two are intertwined.  We see gas prices, grocery prices, any number of prices on other goods and services headed skyward.  Many parts of the country are finding empty shelves in stores.  And if we are honest, we can see that these problems are mostly caused by the decisions our politicians make.  

The way to be fully prepared is to know what is happening around us.  I don't mean that we have to immerse ourselves in the daily theatre that is DC.  But in the same way we watch the weather so we know when a storm is approaching, we need to know what new horrors our representatives have in store for us.

Unless something changes soon, it is my belief that we are in for a really rough time in the coming months.  Pray.  Prepare.  Pray some more.        


Monday, June 6, 2022

Done. Just Done.

For the last several years I have been trying to get folks to understand the importance of preparing.  But I am done.

Anyone who stops by here regularly is aware that I have the need for visits from home health care nurses to help me deal with a medical issue.  This past week a new to me nurse came by.  Nice girl.  Does a good job.

I had one of my dehydrators going on my kitchen table today.  She asked about it and I explained that I was dehydrating eggs.  She wanted to know why on earth I would dehydrate eggs so I briefly told her about the problems with 'bird flu' causing huge flocks of chickens to be killed and about the price of eggs going up.  We also touched on the issue of upcoming food shortages and inflation.

Her response?  "Oh, I don't think we have to worry about any of that happening here."

I am so done.  If these people are determined to live in the land of unicorns and fairy dust, they are welcome to it.  But I can not.

Over the weekend and today, my dehydrators have been running, drying eggs, onions, spinach and hash browns.  I have finally been able to lay my hands on pint canning jars, so in the next day or two, I will start canning whatever I am able to can from my freezer before the predicted electricity blackouts begin.

Those who believe nothing bad will ever happen are not paying attention.  And if you can not see that the plan for controlling all of us is being played out every single day, then you are not paying attention either.

I feel sorry for those who are going to be in a world of hurt because they did not prepare.  But I do not feel sorry enough to take food from the mouths of the 16 people in my immediate family and give it to someone else who couldn't be bothered to plan ahead.

I pray that our food storage will never be needed.  But that is God's decision and not mine.  So I will continue to put food and supplies back, just in case.

Pray.  Prepare.  And pray some more.

Saturday, June 4, 2022


I have been really busy and I will get into that in another post.  But right now there is something more important to me and my family.

Meet my brand spanking new Great Grandson, Oakley Andreas Bono.

Weighing in at 9 pounds 9 ounces, Oakley is a healthy boy.  He was a bit reluctant to make an appearance but finally arrived this afternoon.

I am well and truly blessed.