Thursday, July 29, 2021

Quit Coddling the Criminals

Some of you may remember that last November a lunatic living in my building trashed his apartment, tried to set the building on fire and escaped by jumping out a second story window. The police caught him and took him to the hospital for evaluation. Turns out he wasn't crazy. He was mean.

His wife, a lovely lady who worked hard to support herself and her husband, was devastated. My landlord offered her another apartment, but she went to live elsewhere.

Yesterday I heard sirens close by. Today my landlord was here, fixing a light in my kitchen. He told me the sad news.

The sirens I heard were the rescue people rushing to an intersection three blocks from my building. The lunatic had stabbed his wife. She died at the scene.

I want to know why he wasn't in jail. He tried to kill everyone in my building by disconnecting the gas range and then lighting a fire. We are incredibly lucky the building didn't blow sky high.

I was under the impression that attempted murder was a crime.

To the morons who keep letting the lunatics back out on the streets: You are just as responsible for the death of this lady as is the one wielding the knife. God may forgive you, but I'm pretty sure I can't.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Time To Get Busy

It has been fun going through my genealogy research and sorting it into some sort of filing system that might make sense to those who will inherit it all. The next couple of days I am going through lots of old family photos and working on getting them into scrapbooks with notes so my kids and grands will know which ancestors are which.

The heat wave seems to have a chance of weakening toward the end of the week, so my plans for my grocery order have changed. I had thought to order dry staples and I am, but as I watch my country slide into something unrecognizable at an ever increasing pace, I feel as though it is time – heat wave or not – to get busy preserving more food.

Whole turkey breast is on sale this week at 99 cents per pound. There is a limit of 2. I will roast both of them and freeze the meat in meal sized portions.

Boneless half hams are on sale so I am ordering four. Two will go in the freezer. One will go in the fridge for meals and sandwiches. And one will be diced and canned along with diced veggies – cabbage, onions, celery, potatoes and carrots – for a base to use as soup, stew or in casseroles.

Four bags of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast will go in the freezer until I decide how to use them. By the way – I usually buy the store brand chicken breast because I don't care if they are uniform in size or look pretty. I generally cut them up to fill jars and can them. But recently although the price has remained the same, the 3 lb. bags now contain 2.5 lbs. I have found this practice to be true in many of the products I buy.

I know this order will be spendy, but who knows how long meat will be available at a price that doesn't require a bank loan.

Washington may try to put a spin on inflation, but those of us who actually buy our own goods and services know prices are heading skyward. Call it that nagging little voice in my head or gut instinct or whatever, I believe now is the time to do as much as possible to insure my family will taken care of.

I would rather be called one of those crazy preppers and be able to feed my family than to be one who lives in the land of unicorns and fairy dust where nothing bad will ever happen to them.

Take a long, hard look around. We are already there. And unless something drastic happens, I believe we will continue sliding down this slippery slope.

This will not last forever. We will get through whatever those who wish to control us have planned. But only if we plan ahead. And do the work. And don't give up.

Keep on preparing. Keep on praying. And always remember we are not alone. We may have to go through some hard times, but in the end, God is still in control.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I'm Still Here

 It 's just that I am not doing anything blogworthy right now.

It is hot and humid here in southern Minnesota. Looks like it will stay like this for a while. Although the air conditioning in my building keeps my apartment reasonably cool, it is in my best interest to do 'quiet' things while this heat wave is upon us. Breathing issues seem to be worse when it is hot and humid. So I limit physical activity and that keeps me from huffing and puffing like an old steam engine. :)

I am ordering my groceries as usual, but am limiting my food storage items to those that do not need to be processed. On the list for next week is lots of pasta, more varieties of dry beans, more flour and possibly some chocolate that is necessary to keep me in a happy place.

So for now, I am spending time organizing several years worth of genealogy research. That is a task I have put off doing for quite some time, but recently I asked Youngest Son to drag a couple of boxes from a high shelf so I could go through them. And because my memory is not what it once was, I found all sorts of delightful surprises I had forgotten I had. Mother's high school diploma. A copy of my parent's marriage certificate. A letter written by my grandmother to my Dad in the 1920's. She tells about coming face to face with a bear while out picking blueberries. I am rather enjoying this 'quiet' time for I love going through all the material I had forgotten about.

There is still food in the freezer to can, but that will just have to wait for cooler days.

My heart goes out to those who are suffering in heat much worse than we experience here. And to those who are living with the massive western fires. I hope none of you are in the path of that destruction and I pray for the safety for those who are.

So until next time – God bless.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Where Is America Going?

Apparently if you are a YouTube creator and you disagree with the narrative of the Left on the subject of the jab, you go to YT jail for a week for the first offense. Their 'fact checkers' like to call it 'medical misinformation.' It isn't. It is censorship.

Pinball Preparedness is cooling his heels in YT jail for that very reason. However, he started another channel he calls Pinball Prepping.

He posted the following video concerning the road we are on toward full blown Communism. Even though the language is just a wee bit salty in spots, it is well worth your time to watch.

Prepping - Please deny you are a Communist NOW! - YouTube

I am tired of hearing “It can't happen here.” It can. It will. Unless we can stop it.

Friday, July 9, 2021

I Was Wrong

 In the comment section of my last post, I made a joke - well, maybe only half joking - about ripping up any government official who came knocking on my door, pushing the vax.  And as much fun as that might be, it is not a good idea.  Here's why.

Prepping - Do NOT open the door - YouTube

I live alone.  Opening my door to ANYONE I do not know is a stupid thing to do.  And I am embarassed that someone else had to point that out to me.

By the way...Pinball Preparedness on YouTube has lots of good, current information.  To access his channel, click on the name shown below each of his videos.  Well worth your time.

Stay safe.   

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

It Was Hot – Now It's Not

Todays temps here in Minnesota are a welcome relief from the heat wave we endured the last week or so. Early this morning we were at 57 degrees and now in the afternoon it sits at 67. I can live with this.

It rained yesterday and it was welcome. It has been a while since we saw any moisture. The gardeners and farmers have to be happy.

I can now run my pressure canner again without turning my little apartment into a sauna. Yesterday I canned 11 pints of chicken. Today it is 23 pints of beef/veg meal starter mix and 3 pints of cubed beef. There is still more food in the freezer to go into jars, so as long as the weather remains fairly cool, the canner will be running.

Everywhere I look on the web, I see warnings about the grid going down. That may be just rumor and fear or it could happen. Anything at this point is possible. I am not willing to take a chance on losing all the frozen food due to a power outage.

I see that I can expect someone to come knocking on my door to try to convince me to take the jab. I would like to know how the government knows which doors to knock on. Considering how the government manages to screw up nearly everything it touches, I am thinking this endeavor is not likely to go well.

Seems like each day is a new adventure in insanity. I was particularly dismayed to see how many used our Independence Day to spew hatred of our nation. Those of us who haven't been brainwashed into believing the idiocy of 'woke culture' understand that though we may not be a perfect nation, we are still the best there is. My thoughts to those who disrespect my Country, my Flag, my Anthem – don't let the door hit you in the backside on your way out.

The rest of us – be ready. Be prepared. Those Evil ones who want to rule over us will stop at nothing to get what they want.

But we have an Ace in the hole. We know that in the end, God wins.