Saturday, September 30, 2023

I Know What We Need

 I check out the news because I need to know what the enemy is up to. 

I see gangs of kids hauling off merchandise from stores without paying for it.

I see elected officials sending billions of dollars to fund a war that is none of our business.

I see women marching in the street to have the right to kill their unborn babies.

I see an administration that has already declared war on vehicles fueled by gas and diesel, kitchen stoves fueled by gas, the kind of light bulbs we have used for decades and ceiling fans, announce that now, when winter is approaching, we need to get rid of gas furnaces and switch to all electric.  

And I see an entire generation - maybe more - who have no idea whatsoever might be the right bathroom to use.  Who believe lipstick and dresses have the power to turn men into women.

I know what we need.

We need to bring back the generations who knew how to recognize right from wrong.  We need to bring back our ancestors who believed in consequences for actions.  Most of all, we need to bring God back into every part of our lives.

And a Grandpa with a switch to tear up the backside of a miscreant kid might not be such a bad idea either.

Monday, September 18, 2023

I now understand...

the meaning of the phrase..."Stop the world.  I want to get off."

Evenings I will sometimes find a video to watch on my computer while sewing or crocheting.  A couple of nights ago I was scrolling through YouTube videos.  I understand that many videos are fake, just to get clicks, but many seemed to be somewhat true. 

I saw gangs of people stealing huge dollar amounts of merchandise from stores and nobody stopped them.

I watched an argument over whether men can become pregnant.

I watched a Senate inquiry of potential judges who were unable to define a woman.

I watched parents at a school board meeting reading pornography from books that are found in elementary school libraries, only to be hauled out of the meetings.  Apparently, it's OK for third graders to read what is too deranged for school board member's sensitive ears.

And there were countless videos of people screaming at one another over trivial matters.  

And, of course, everything bad known to man is the fault of one who has not been President for several years.

I would really like to know when stupid took over the psyche of many Americans.  

In the world I grew up in, none of this would have been tolerated.  Of course the world wasn't all honey and roses, but most people were held responsible for their actions.  We knew how many genders there are and which bathroom to use.  We mostly worked out problems by sensibly talking to our neighbors and reaching solutions agreeable to both.  

We honored the American flag and and all things patriotic.

The direction we seem to be taking is sure to continue with all things hateful.  

Saw a t-shirt the other day that had printed on the front, "Stupid Should Hurt."

True, that.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Stacking, Stacking, Stacking

I am not one who lives in the conspiracy theory world.  I have been around the block way too many times to believe everything I see on the news or on the internet.  And half the time I am skeptical of what I am told by some individuals.

But something is going on.  Something that does not bode well for the average citizen.  Something bad.

Me...I refuse to take chances with the welfare of my family.  There are a lot of us.  With good appetites.  

7.5 lbs. of shredded hash browns are dehydrated and packed for storage.

24 half pint jars of chicken breast are in the pressure canner.  About 3 lbs. of meat are in the freezer until I can get my hands on enough for another canner load.

15 lbs. of russet potatoes are waiting to be peeled, chopped and canned.  I'm trying a new to me method of canning.  Potatoes canned in water turned out awful for me.  I dislike the taste, texture and the buggers mostly turned gray in color.  So, this go-around will be canned without liquid.  Can't be any worse.

The plan is to can or dehydrate whatever is on sale.  This time I got 3 lb. bags of frozen chicken breast for $5 each.  Granted, they are not pretty.  The meat looks pretty rough.  I would guess these bags are full of the 'seconds' while the pretty meat is packed on Styrofoam trays, covered with cling wrap at an also very lovely price.  I don't care.  I cut the chicken breasts into about 1-inch cubes to pack into wide mouth half pint jars.  Doesn't have to look nice.

The only negative thing I can say about the grocery delivery service I use is unless an item is listed in the weekly sale ad, I don't know the cost of anything until it arrives in my kitchen.  I was in for a shock when I looked at the grocery receipt.

When did a can of pear halves become worth $2.39 each!  A box of a dozen wide mouth canning lids runs $5.99 each!  The hashbrowns I dehydrated were $5.49 for a 30 oz. bag!

Don't even try to tell me those in power care one hoot about us.  I have to wonder how in the world those folks who are raising kids and working their fingers to the bone for wages that don't even come close to covering all they need - how are they managing.

My days of wimping out simply because arthritis rears its ugly head from time to time, are over.  And yeah - I know that's what I tend to do.  But that isn't going to get the job done.  I still do it - but slower.  A turtle's pace.  As a dear friend likes to say, "Turtles of the world.  Unite!'  :)  

Stack it high and wide.  If this country continues down the path we are on, nobody but the elite will be able to keep food on the table.

God help us! 

Friday, September 1, 2023

Here we go again.

When will the government types learn that all most of us want is to be left alone to live our lives the way we want.  Within a civil society - Yes.  Within the law, provided stupid is not part of our laws - Yes.  Without hurting others - Yes.  

Apparently, the first virus go-around didn't scare us enough to knuckle under to whatever the powers that be think we should do.  From what I have seen from those who know more than I do, another round of idiocy with more of the same regulations is on the horizon.  Some health facilities and schools have already issued mask mandates.  My answer to that is...

accompanied by a double middle finger salute!

I also have no doubt that the next rounds of vaccines are already bottled up, waiting to be plunged into the arm of some poor person who actually believes politicians.

I wonder why we hear nothing about flu season any more.

On another note:

I have tried over the years, without being too preachy, to introduce some of the younger nurses I see weekly to the concept of preparedness.  I might be sitting at my kitchen table when they arrive, repackaging food items for long term storage.  Or I might be filling water bottles.  Or there might be several jars of home canned foods ready to go on the shelves.

A couple of the older ones have gotten busy stocking up.  When I see them, they like to tell me what they are working on.  But most of the younger ones - far the majority, look at me like I have grown an eye in the middle of my forehead.  

Sometimes, in order to get rid of the headache, we need to stop banging our heads against the brick wall.

I am so done.  If asked, I will answer to the best of my ability.  But time is becoming too short to waste it trying to teach those who have no desire to learn.  

Although arthritic hands tend to make pressure canning a bit of an adventure, after taking stock of the chicken I have on the shelves, I am orderng 12 lbs. of chicken breast this time around to can in half pint jars.  Living alone as I do, I find the half pints just the right size for sandwiches or to have slathered in BBQ sauce for supper or for adding to a cold macaroni salad.  So I will give one more try to pressure canning.  The small jars are light enough in weight to be manageable.

One thing about us preppers - we rarely give up.  We soldier on even when things get tough.  For we know that if bad things happen, our families will be taken care of.

And that's what it is all about, isn't it!