Monday, July 26, 2010

A Grandson With a Car - It's a Good Thing

My grandson Chris has his own car now. This came in really handy for me yesterday. I have been having some minor problems with my back and neck. The term, "A pain in the neck" has become personal. I realize that I can be a pain in the neck, and have been from time to time. Probably will be again. Consider yourselves warned. However, this particular pain in the neck and back made it impossible for me to lift or carry anything. And I needed groceries. I was nearly out of dog food and cat food. Without them, things could get ugly. The pantry was getting pretty bare as well and I needed help.

So Chris picked me up Saturday afternoon. Took me to Cub. Pushed the cart and lifted heavy stuff off of shelves for me. And if that wasn't enough, he hauled them all up the stairs for me when he brought me home. Nary a complaint. Was still smiling after all of that.

Yep, a grandson with a car is a good thing. Especially when that grandson doesn't mind helping out his Grandma. Thanks, Chris.

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