Friday, December 24, 2010


So.....last week I grabbed my camera to take some pictures.  I love taking pictures.  I love my camera.

I pressed the button that turns the camera on.  Nothing happened.  So I tried again.  And again.  Nothing.

Gotta be the batteries.  I took out the old ones and put in new.  Pressed the button.  Nothing.  This is not good.

Grabbed my jacket and stocking hat and off I go to the local convenience store.  Bought batteries.  Trudged home through the snow.  Put the batteries into the camera.  Pressed that little button again.  Nothing.

Well, I thought, perhaps the batteries from the convenience store aren't any good.  They don't do much of a business.  Maybe the batteries are old and don't work.

So yesterday when I was out and about, I picked up more batteries at the grocery store.  Came home and put the new batteries into the camera.  Pressed the little button.  Nothing.

Now, I am getting worried.  Did I mention that I really love my camera?

Dug around and found the instruction book.  When all else fails, read the instructions.

Before thumbing through the instruction book, I casually looked at the top of my camera.  There is a little dial with all of the settings that I can use with my camera.  The little lever that I move for various functions was sitting between Automatic and the next function.  Flipped the little lever to Automatic.  Pushed the little button that turns the camera on.  Woo Hoo!  My camera works.

I don't expect that I will run out of batteries any time soon.


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