Friday, December 2, 2011

Memory is a Wonderful Thing - When it Works

So, this morning I get ready to leave my apartment and head downstairs to see what wonderful advertising junk mail is in my mailbox.  The box is more than likely full to overflowing by now, as I stayed in all day yesterday and didn't check the mail.  No wonder my mailman is so grouchy.  I would be, too, if I had to haul around all of those sale fliers and catalogs this time of year.  The same ones that I haul out with my trash.

Anyway, I reached into the little glass bowl that sits on the buffet next to my apartment door.  The bowl that holds quarters for the washers and dryers, a stray cough drop or two, some miscellaneous odds and ends and most importantly, my keys.

I always drop my keys in the bowl when I return home.  Always.  Well, almost always.

I reached in keys.

The search was on.  Turned the bedroom upside down.  No keys.  Shoveled various and assorted papers and, yes, junk off of my desk top.  No keys.  Did I drop them in the one of the desk drawers?  Nope.  Not there.  Checked cushions on the couch and chairs.  Nary a key was to be seen.  Nowhere in the living room did I find them.  Even checked the little doggie bed that Lily the Yorkie snoozes in.  She loves to find a scrap of paper or a ball of yarn or a quilt piece that is within her reach and haul it to her bed, where she hides it under a toy or her blanket.  Nothing there except three toys, a very old used bone, three pieces of kibble and a doggie treat she must have been saving for later.

Next was the kitchen.  Not on top of the fridge (Good Lord - I really need to climb up on a chair and clean that!)  Not under the table.  Not behind the buffet.  Not in the freezer.  Nowhere.

So I poured a cup of coffee and sat down.  There is no problem that can't be solved with a good cup of coffee.  Now, what did I do the day before yesterday, which was the last time I saw my keys.  I walked to the store three blocks away and bought dog food.  Had the keys when I got back.  Then I took the dogs out for some air.  Jesse walked and loved it.  Lily didn't.  Typical dog outing - walk one and carry the most stubborn one.  Unlocked my door with the keys.  Then I did a couple loads of laundry.

That's it!

Yep.  There they were.  Inside the pocket of the pants I put in the laundry basket that evening.

Now I understand why ladies of my vintage wear their glasses on a chain around their necks.  It has come full circle.  I used to,  more years ago than I care to think about, have to wear mittens that were attached to a string, to keep from losing one.  Never lost two - always one.  Wonder if the string thing works for keys.

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