Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sad Day

Today I received one of those phone calls that nobody likes to get.  My brother-in-law called to let me know that his Mother had died.  I knew that she had been in the hospital with pneumonia and that she had been put on a ventilator.  It had been nearly a week since she was admitted and I had hoped that no news was indeed good news, but it was not to be.  The decision to take her off the ventilator was made yesterday and she passed peacefully early this afternoon.

She had been my mother-in-law for the 20 years I was married to her son.  After Mike died, she stayed in touch and although it was difficult for us to get together, we talked by phone often.  She told me all about her great-grandchildren, who were the light of her life, and always asked about my family and laughed at the stories I told her about the things my grandchildren had done.  She always ended each conversation by telling me that she loved me.

I am so very glad that the last words I said to her were "I love you."

Rest in peace, Peg.  I will miss you.

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