Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunday - Rest. Monday - Work.

I am trying to adhere to the Biblical "Day of Rest."  So yesterday I did just that.  There was some reading and some napping and some messing about on the computer and some crocheting and movie watching in the evening.  The biggest thing I did was heat up leftovers for hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes, dressing and gravy, shared with Oldest Son for supper.  It was a nice day.

Just because some of us are retired doesn't mean that every day is a day of rest.  I had the meat from my 21 lb. turkey, minus a couple of meals, in the fridge so I saved out enough for a few days worth of sandwiches and packaged up the rest.  I was able to wedge it into the freezer by doing a bit of restacking.

There were the bones and scraps from three turkeys waiting for me, so those have been cooking all morning.  When the pots cool down, I'll strain out the bones and bits of skin, pour the broth into my large stock pot and refrigerate it over night.  By morning the fat will have solidified on top of the broth and I can skim it off.  This I will save for frying as it adds some really good flavor to potatoes and other fried foods.  Using the fat this way means there is less cooking oil to buy.  I do the same with bacon grease.  The broth will be heated, ladled into jars and canned.

I have some broth and carrots, potatoes and onions simmering on the back burner.  Soon I will add pieces of leftover turkey gleaned from the bones and maybe a handful or two of rice to the mix.  It is turkey soup and cornbread for supper.  Snow is predicted here today and Oldest Son said soup would likely taste pretty good to him after a day of working outside in this weather.  Most times Son does his own cooking when he gets home from work, but now and then it is nice to have him come over to my apartment and share a meal.

Those who guess what the weather will be like on a daily basis are telling us we may get up to 6 inches of snow, starting this afternoon and continuing into tomorrow.  It isn't all that cold, the outdoor temperature sitting at 33 degrees this morning, which means the snow will more than likely be heavy and wet.  Power outages can be caused by that kind of snowfall.  My Kindle is charging just in case.  I have all the food and water I need and the propane space heater and the propane camp stove I bought this fall are both ready to go.  Yesterday Son got a few things at the grocery and he brought me a bag of Peanut Butter Cup minis and some other snacks.  I have plenty of coffee, chocolate and something to read.  You know, the important stuff.  I am ready.  :)


  1. Coffee and chocolate are the best. We've had below freezing temps the past week but no snow yet. No snow in the immediate future, or so the news people say.
    Would love to hear about your propane stove and heater. I bought a Mr Buddy Jr last year for an alternative heat source. Haven't used it yet but wanted something in case I lose power. My apt is all electric for everything including the heat.
    Your turkey sounds wonderful. I'll be looking for the Christmas sales for either turkey or ham. The prices here for any kind of meat have been horrible. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  2. It didn't snow much here until around 3:30

  3. Even though you took Sunday off, sounds like you're pretty busy today, which is a good thing. You know what they say about idle hands. Sounds like you're going to get the snow that came through here on Thanksgiving. It has been really cold since with daytime highs at the best in the low 20's and nights down to -1 to -5. That is really cold for us this time of year. Normally if we get those type of temps it's not until February.

  4. Sounds like a peaceful time, Vicki. Good for you.


  5. SJ...Started snowing here late this afternoon. Seems like the first real snow of the season is the worst and then we just get used to it.

    The camp stove is a "Camp Chef" brand, with one burner on one side and a grill/griddle on the other. The heater is about the same as yours. Both run off propane. I have a gas kitchen stove that I can use if the power goes out, by lighting the burners with a match. But if the gas is shut off, the camp stove should work. Heat for the building is provided by a gas furnace, but I'm sure that it won't light without electricity.

    Just finished cooking up the last of the turkey bones to make broth. Meat prices here are through the roof as well. I only buy what is on sale any more, as regular grocery prices keep going up, too. I have to wonder where it will all end!

  6. Rob...We had just a dusting of snow last night, but we also had freezing rain. The main snow started late this afternoon. Son said the roads this evening were the worst he can remember. Said it was slush on top of ice. The ditches were full of vehicles that had slid off the road. His normal half hour drive took him an hour and 15 minutes. Hope they can clear the roads before morning and lay down some salt.

  7. Jim...I guess my hands don't know much about being idle. Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who is perfectly happy just to sit and watch TV, but I'm not. I will be canning the turkey broth tomorrow. I really like having broth on my shelves.

    We haven't had any below zero temps as yet. And it looks like we have only had a couple of inches of snow so far. But when the snow falls on top of ice, it can get ugly. Son said at work he would pick up a pallet of product, take it where he needed to set it, and then he would have to have someone hook onto his forklift and pull him back. The tires would just spin in the ice and slush. Said the roads weren't any better. I'm so glad I don't need to go out!

  8. Fern...It was a lovely day. I think sometimes we just need to step back and take a deep breath before continuing on. Sunday was my deep breath!

  9. It's been raining here steadily for two days now. Not really hard, but constant. I have things to do outside but I can't get them done. So I have been reading, and drowsing by the fire.

  10. Harry...Sometimes all a person can do is just wait. We got just enough snow on top of ice turn everything into a slushy skating rink. Son slid right through the first two stop signs he came to this morning, turned his car around and came back home. It just wasn't worth the risk to life and limb.