Monday, October 17, 2016

Away From the Computer

I will be AWOL until probably the end of the week.

The cabbage has been dried.  The tomatoes have been dried.  The carrots are in the dehydrators.  I still have 10 lbs. of onions and 20 lbs. of potatoes to deal with.  I need to bake bread and do laundry.  And my kitchen looks like someone's vegetable garden blew up in the middle of it.

Add to that a follow-up appointment on Wednesday with the guy who takes care of my legs.  He is a really nice guy, but after this appointment I am hoping not to see his face for a long time.  :)

So taking into consideration just how slowly I move these days, it will likely take me the rest of the week to finish doing what needs to be done.   Longer if I spend time messing around with my computer like I have been known to do.

My Kingdom for a really good cleaning lady!!


  1. Looking forward to your return.
    Had a good laugh trying to imagine what your kitchen looks like. I can so relate. I have the same effect on mine when canning or doing other projects!
    Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

  2. Gorges...As long as "the force" brings along a mop bucket and scrub brush. :)

  3. SJ...Wish I were one of those people who could can or do other projects and be tidy at the same time. Not me. I just jump in, get it done and then shovel out afterwards. Right now I am about half-shoveled out. But I have had all the fun I can stand for one day. Off to rest. :)