Sunday, January 31, 2021

Turkey Vegetable Soup

So yesterday I started out with six 1-lb. bags of frozen mixed vegetables, thawed.  Added to that were 4 lbs. of peeled, diced carrots and two small bunches of celery, also diced.  I had 2 lbs. of onions that I cleaned and diced, but used only about a third of them.

From the freezer came the meat from one fairly large turkey that I thawed and diced.

Each pint jar got a half cup of turkey and a generous cup of vegetables along with one chicken bouillon cube and water to cover.  The soup was processed for 65 minutes at 10 lbs. pressure for my area.  I got 32 jars of soup.

One pint didn't seal so I heated that up for lunch today.  It needed just a touch of salt and pepper and it is a pretty dang tasty soup!

I like having this soup on hand as it has other uses.  It can be thickened and served over rice or biscuits or used as a filling in a pot pie. 

There were leftovers and I decided to can them separately in half pint jars.  That size is good when cooking for one or two people.  So this morning I jarred up the leftovers and got 10 half pints of turkey, 11 of mixed vegetables and 7 of onions.  I can't stand to waste anything and they will get used sooner or later.

Now is not the time to slack off on preparing.  Grocery prices are creeping upward and there is talk of food shortages.  I am seeing signs of both here in Minnesota.  And Lord only knows what our elected officials will try to do to us next.

Keep on praying and preparing.


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    1. Take care, LindaG...God's blessings are what we truly need now.

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    1. Thanks, Gorges...Every little bit helps should we need it.

  3. Vicki, that is quite amazing. You are setting a fine example too. Thank you...CW

    1. Thank you for your kind words CW...I post about the canning I have done not to brag, but in the hope that perhaps it might help someone else add to their preparations. I have learned so much from so many and it is good to give back.

  4. Hi Vicki,

    The soup sounds fabulous.

    I was going to comment on your previous post, but now you've already got a new one up, and I'm afraid your readers wouldn't see the info on this essential prep item.

    Remember all the panic about yeast last year? The yeast manufacturers ramped up production, and then people stopped panicking about having yeast. So all that excess yeast now has little demand. My local grocery store has loads of the smaller packets they normally carry. They've even got it on endcaps.

    This past weekend, my husband had an eye appointment in the big city, so we took the opportunity to do some stocking up. We hit a few Grocery Outlet stores. These stores mostly carry short-dated foods, but they also have some overstocks/excess production and products that just didn't sell as anticipated. All three of the Grocery Outlet stores we visited had a significant amount of space devoted to 1-lb packages of instant yeast for about $3.50 per package. I just thought your readers might like to know.


    1. Thank you Jennifer...You are such a wealth of information. I have heard others say that yeast has been difficult to find. I am not sure how it is here as I don't get into the stores, but anyone reading your comment will want to see if the same availability is true of their area. I know that Sam's Club has always had yeast in stock. A couple of years ago I bought several of the 1 lb. blocks and keep it in the freezer. So far it works just as well as it did then. I really appreciate your taking the time to help out those who haven't been able to find yeast. Thanks you.

  5. Thanks everyone, for the info about yeast. I had not considered stocking up on that but I will now. Fresh baked bread sounds wonderful and would go very well with that turkey soup ;)

    1. LTM...Jennifer comes up with such good information. I probably wouldn't have thought to stock yeast either had I not grown up with a mother who baked bread. I will always be grateful for being taught those skills.