Friday, April 16, 2021

Out, Out, Damned Shot

My friend 'Red' sent me this link.  It is worth your time to watch.



  1. Thank you, Red! Thank you, Vicki!

  2. 99% recover Just like the flu.

  3. Yep possibly but Je... get over the “flu” mantra. Cause you see some facts are numbers related. 1% of millions die. This has been political brainwashing, why is medical political? I just don’t get it. So many “facts” in the videos are simply not true. I had 4 young, 30’s taking all the Vitamins D, Zinc ...... that got Covid 2 weeks ago. And got quite sick. Covid is now coming for younger people and they’re getting sicker. God help us. I’m a RN. Pull you head out of the sand people.