Sunday, October 17, 2021

It has been my habit...

to get myself well caffeinated first thing in the morning before heading into whatever the day brings. While sloshing down coffee I will fire up the computer, check emails and move on to some of my favorite YouTube creators. This is what I found this morning:

Note:  This video wants to start towards the end and I can't fix that.  Just click on the red line at the beginning to see the entire video.

If you aren't taking preparedness seriously, you might want to start. We know that often what happens over there will show up here.

I have no doubt that some left leaning genius will think it is a grand idea to forbid those who will not comply with the jab from entering grocery stores. Why not. They have already caused untold numbers to lose their jobs because people object to being forced to take a medication they do not want. And then they whine about a shortage of workers.

Yesterday I spent some time getting my grocery order ready for this weeks delivery. The store the service uses has chicken legs and thighs on sale at 99 cents per pound and 16 oz. packages of frozen vegetables for $1 each, both excellent prices for my area. I ordered lots of each.

This morning I woke up wondering if I really needed that much chicken and veggies. After viewing the video and doing some of my own research, I decided that yes, I do need that much. And I made some additions to my order for more pasta, rice, beans and the ingredients to can a large batch of coleslaw.

This whole business of bullying people into taking a medication they do not want is beyond deplorable. To rob people of their livelihood or dictate who can enter a public venue and who can not is wrong on so many levels.

We were told that a two week lockdown would flatten the curve. Then we were told we had to mask up and stay away from our loved ones. After that we were told the jab would save humanity. If it works so well, why in the name of good common sense are they so worried about those of us who don't want it.

I'll be damned if I am going to allow some sleazy bureaucrat or politician dictate what my life should look like. I fully intend to live the rest of it on my own terms according to God's plan.

The rest of them can just go pound sand.


  1. Dispensing the vax is a crime.
    It kills and harms people. And has no good purpose. It gives a false hope. I’m starting to make it sound like a street drug. It's worse.
    My friend Richard Clark Deitering says: There’s a reason you don’t see advertising to take the Pfizer, the Moderna, the Johnson. You know why? If they advertised it they'd have to tell you about the horrible side effects.
    So instead they maneuver in the background buying access to markets.
    Having the government mandate the drugs.
    That’s the Scandal. That’s the crime.

    1. You are absolutely right, Ed...If the side effects of any of the shots were widely known, including the number of deaths they have caused, nobody with any common sense at all would take any of them. I don't recall anyone bribing or threatening or mandating anyone to take the smallpox or polio vaccines. The fact that this was necessary to get people to take this jab should have set off all sorts of alarm bells.

      What our government leaders and the pharmaceutical companies have done to the people is nothing short of criminal and there needs to be a price paid for the devastation they have caused.

    2. we wanted the polio vax then daddy allowed us to go to the swimming pool no one had to be forced we wanted it the fact that nazi measures are being taken is all you need to know---they are forcing poison and then, when they get by with it, the next worse poison will be trotted out
      no wonder hell is so vast.

    3. deb...You are right. If one virus doesn't scare us enough to do what they want, they will find something else that might. It just never ends.

  2. Vicki~ More information is coming out regarding the ingredients in the "All Purpose Cure" There are videos here that will make you cringe. Red

    1. Red...I haven't had a chance to view the link you sent, but I have no doubt that if the truth ever becomes common knowledge, a lot of people will have a lot of explaining to do. I also have no doubt that this is one reason most social media platforms are censoring any talk about the jab. And we all know that mainstream media is owned by the left and truth is not a priority.

      I have noticed, however, that there are some who are fighting back. John Deere employees are on strike against the mandate. Delta Airlines is reported to be refusing to comply with the mandate. We know that Southwest Airline employees made their voices heard by causing the cancellation of thousands of flights. Perhaps some are finally realizing they are being manipulated. I can only hope.

  3. Somehow I just knew you would be, Gorges. Hope you are feeling better my friend.

  4. Y'know, Vicki, I've been prepping for quite some time now, and never did I think that our government would be the architect of the disaster we now face. Scarier than not being able to enter a supermarket due to my "negative vaccination status" though, is seeing how easy it was for the Nazis to get people to do things their way, and worse yet, how easy it will be for the devil to get people to take the mark of the beast...

    ...And so, I continue to prepare... and pray...

    Just a thing though; notice how welfare bums and illegals are not being pressed to "vax." Why? They've already been yoked by the government. It's pretty easy to see who the Biden Corporation is after...

    1. All these years that I have been prepping, Pete, I never once thought my government was out to get me. Annoy me, perhaps. But not hurt me. And I think that I was right up to January of this year, when the very first thing that happened was the signing of a multitude of executive orders that basically began the wrecking of a perfectly good country.

      The brainwashing has been happening for decades. I see no other reason for people to buy into the bs that masquerades as 'expert advice.' Those of my vintage and some a bit younger remember what it was like to think for ourselves. Sadly, many have forgotten and along with that knowledge leaving, freedom soon follows. The Nazis knew what they were doing and so do those behind the scenes who are pulling the strings.

      You are spot on about those who are not being mandated to vax. Instead it is the military, police, health care workers, manufacturers, etc. We are in trouble. Prepare and pray, indeed!

  5. "go pound sand" is a favorite of mine as well as "shit", which covers a lot of territory! The Orange Man was loud & profane but we at least knew what he was thinking. He had our best interests at heart. The current administration with the MANY underlings pulling the strings is hell bent on destroying this great nation. When people bitch about $9.00/# bacon, they are the ones who voted the current moron-in-chief & his ilk into power. God Bless America & God save us all.

    1. Nursejoan...Yep. 'Go pound sand' works for me. So does 'dammit to hell' when necessary. :)

      Yes, Orange Man was loud and profane and all the rest. But he loved this country and the things he did benefitted us instead of hurting us as is the case now. We knew where we stood with him and so did the world's leaders. There was no question that if we were threatened, he would not hesitate to smack them upside the head.

      The moron-in-chief and his handlers have put us in the position of being the laughing stock of the world. And we are now teetering on the edge of oblivion. Yes - Please God Bless America and please God save us all. Prepare and pray.