Monday, September 18, 2023

I now understand...

the meaning of the phrase..."Stop the world.  I want to get off."

Evenings I will sometimes find a video to watch on my computer while sewing or crocheting.  A couple of nights ago I was scrolling through YouTube videos.  I understand that many videos are fake, just to get clicks, but many seemed to be somewhat true. 

I saw gangs of people stealing huge dollar amounts of merchandise from stores and nobody stopped them.

I watched an argument over whether men can become pregnant.

I watched a Senate inquiry of potential judges who were unable to define a woman.

I watched parents at a school board meeting reading pornography from books that are found in elementary school libraries, only to be hauled out of the meetings.  Apparently, it's OK for third graders to read what is too deranged for school board member's sensitive ears.

And there were countless videos of people screaming at one another over trivial matters.  

And, of course, everything bad known to man is the fault of one who has not been President for several years.

I would really like to know when stupid took over the psyche of many Americans.  

In the world I grew up in, none of this would have been tolerated.  Of course the world wasn't all honey and roses, but most people were held responsible for their actions.  We knew how many genders there are and which bathroom to use.  We mostly worked out problems by sensibly talking to our neighbors and reaching solutions agreeable to both.  

We honored the American flag and and all things patriotic.

The direction we seem to be taking is sure to continue with all things hateful.  

Saw a t-shirt the other day that had printed on the front, "Stupid Should Hurt."

True, that.


  1. "I would really like to know when stupid took over the psyche of many Americans. "

    Wouldn't we all.
    You all be safe and God bless, Vicki.

    1. LindaG...I just find it astounding that so many are buying into the most rediculous of ideas.
      Take care and God bless you and yours.

  2. Stupid will hurt again, someday. Here's hoping someday isn't too far away.

    1. Jennifer...The sooner stupid hurts those who practice it, the better! Soon. Please!

  3. My soap box moment -- listening to talking heads on tv talking about 'pregnant people...''....Wait a moment I think -- now saying a 'pregnant woman' is now some how unacceptable by these 'people',

    And another thing --- when kids aren't allowed to settle issues between themselves on the playground but require an adult to intervene, why are we surprised now with 'stupid' adult behavior.
    just my two cents...SJ now in California

    1. SJ...It boggles the mind that some folks actually believe all that hooey. And for the record, I don't care if the idiots do not approve. I will continue to say what I think. Something called the First Amendment!

      I'm willing to bet that your parents, like mine, didn't get all flustered when we had a disagreement with our friends when we were kids. My guess is that the parents of those 'precious little snowflakes' will regret their actions. Especially when that 'snowflake' is livng in their basement at age 35!

  4. All I can say to this is that God is in control, Vicki. ...Of course he was in control when Babylon sacked Jerusalem as well, carrying off its entire population, both good and bad, into exile... That's the part that worries me...

    Too many in our country have embraced Sodomite behavior. Anyone who thinks that God will tolerate that from us any more than He did from Sodom is deluding themselves!

    Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about... and DUCK when the boom swings!!!

    Keep your Bible open, your larder deep, and your powder dry, Vicki...

    1. Pete...Nobody ever told us that we will escape God's judgement. But at the very least, we are preparing for whatever comes our way, which gives our families a fighting chance.

      When I look around, I understand more than ever the reason for the Flood and the Ark. I am absolutely astounded to see what some think is a perfectly acceptable society.

      Good advice, my friend. Bible open. Larder deep. Adding more powder!

    2. It certainly makes clearer what the End Times might actually look like.

      If this was what the pre-cataclysmic world was like, it is indeed no surprise God acted as He did.

    3. I am convinced that much of the depravity we are now witnessing is much the same as before the Flood. What amazes me is the patience of God. Seems to me His patience with mankind may soon run out. And for very good reason.