Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wake Surfing and Race Car Driving

I am a firm believer in learning new things. Keeps my mind active. Keeps the cobwebs from taking over. This past week I learned about Wake Surfing.

Jeri stopped by one day while I was at work to download some photos of Chris and Nicki from her camera onto my computer. When I got home that evening and looked at the photos, I had to email her and ask about what the kids were doing. I knew about water skiing and I knew about surfing, but I had never heard about wake surfing. I don't get out much.

It seems that in wake surfing, a surfboard is used, but it is shorter than a surfboard used to ride the ocean waves. The person doing the surfing is towed behind a boat like in water skiing, only he or she rides the waves of the wake behind the boat. A friend and neighbor of Jon and Jeri has all the equipment for wake surfing, so he took the kids out on the lake to give it a try. I'd say they did pretty well at it. Looks to me like they were having lots of fun.

My grandson, Chris, works at the Speedway on the weekends during the summer racing season. A couple of weeks ago there was a party for all of the workers, and as a part of that, anyone who wanted to drive one of the race cars could do so.

Yep. That's Chris. Driving that car. Looking good. He came in second in the second race. He won't let me talk about the first race. But he did tell me that at one point, the car ahead of him lost a wheel. I'm thinking that it took some pretty fancy driving to keep his car from crashing.

Way to go, Chris!!!

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