Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flying Lessons

I have grandchildren doing all sorts of fun things, but this is a new one. Zachary had his first flying lesson!

His Mom tells me that she had seen on the Flying Cloud Airport website that they offered flying lessons for kids. She said she mentioned it to Zach and he said he would like to do it. So a week or so ago, he took his first lesson. I wondered if he had flown with his Dad, who is a pilot, but Jill said he went with an instructor. The plane he was in was a Cessna 172, and he learned how to ascend and turn. He also logged his first half-hour in his pilot log.

Jill tells me that he loved it, he wasn't at all scared, and he wants to get his pilot's license. So he will be taking more lessons next summer.

I have been hooked on flying since my Dad took me for a ride in Bemidji in one of those planes with the pontoons that take off from the lake. I was about Zach's age when we did that, and I don't know if those airplane rides are even there any more, but I loved it. Jill knows how much I love flying, so she and Joe gave me a plane ride for my birthday one summer. I was impressed at what a good pilot Joe is, and I was having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures!

So I'm thinking that when Zach gets his pilot's license, maybe - just maybe - there might be another plane ride in it for me.

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