Saturday, August 31, 2013


It doesn't seem like we have seen very much rain here over the summer.  But this evening the rain is falling.  After another hot day - not as bad as earlier this week, but hot nonetheless - the temperature has dropped 12 degrees in the past hour.  A cool breeze flows from one end of my apartment to the other.  I can turn off the fans and just listen to the music of the rain.


  1. Years ago, I would go with friends to their parents camp in the woods of East Texas.

    The camp was on a small creek that was artesian fed. Their well was artesian and what wasn't used in the house flowed constantly from a two inch pipe.

    The camp house was a small frame structure on piers, with few comforts and a metal roof.

    During one time we visited, there was little to do, except listen to the rain on the metal roof. Between the cool breeze through the windows, and the comforting sound of the rain, the surreal day passed with plenty of quiet moments and long naps.

  2. These days I hear the rain hit the concrete outside my windows. But years ago, I lived in northern Minnesota. Rain has a completely different sound as it softly hits ground that is covered with pine needles. Combine that with the wind singing in the tree tops, and I really can think of little else that is more soothing to the soul.