Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunshine Through My Windows

So this morning, I'm a happy camper.  There is this big yellow ball in the eastern sky.  Haven't seen it for a while.  Sunlight is streaming through my living room windows.  The cat has positioned herself to take full advantage of a sunbeam.  Even the dogs seem more energetic.  Lily has gathered half a dozen small tennis balls, waiting for me to toss them.  She won't bring them back to me, but she loves chasing them, and that is enough.  Jesse Jane, "she of little energy and big appetite," is cruising the kitchen, waiting for me to cook or bake something, and possibly drop some tidbit on the floor for her to snag.

Then I check the latest weather report.

"Minnesota Issues Blizzard Warning."

Here in the Frozen North, it doesn't have to be snowing to create a blizzard.  It is enough that an inch or two of fluffy cold white stuff fell yesterday.  The winds are picking up and will blow the snow around later today.  And temps will again drop from a few degrees above zero back down to -15.



  1. geez Vicki--stay warm up there. I saw on the news that the propane is getting in short supply. scary stuff. Just hope the power grid is not next to go.

    Even in Florida it is cold.
    ( of course not like your cold) but for us its is a lot. The sun is shinning bright outside,unless you step outside would think it was a warm sunny day.. NOT !

  2. Thanks, JUGM. I'm staying in, so I am staying warm! Good thing I am pretty well stocked up so I don't have to go out. But like a true Minnesotan, I feel it is my duty to complain about the weather (big grin).

    I've been reading that it is unusually cold nearly everywhere in the US. Perhaps some of the Global Warming people should camp out here for a while. Bet they would change their tune!

  3. If it's any consolation, we too will have freezing temperatures and the possibility of freezing precipitation way down here on the Texas Gulf coast. The mess is supposed to start arriving tomorrow and continue through Friday.

    If the precipitation isn't real heavy, we'll still work, which promises to be a bitter experience.

  4. Jess, I think it will be more miserable for you than for me. I can at least stay indoors where it is toasty. You have my sympathies! Of all the junk that winter throws at us here in the north, the freezing rain is the worst. Stay as warm as possible - and safe! That ice can be a bugger.

  5. I have the authority to call it quits, which I will do, if I reach the point I won't stay in it.

    I have bosses that might disagree, but I can call them weenies, refuse to work and dare them to spend the day in the bad weather. They won't and they know I know it.

  6. Being out in that kind of weather is a whole different ballgame than delegating from behind a desk. Slightly miserable working conditions are a far cry from dangerous. Ice is dangerous.

    Here they are already reporting school closings for tomorrow - wind chills in the -25 to -40 range. And the weather you have to look forward to tomorrow is no less nasty for you where you live than it is for me where I live. We expect it here. Not so much there. I repeat - stay warm!