Friday, January 3, 2014

The Perils of Ice Fishing

When my son goes ice fishing in the winter, he often posts photos on Facebook.

The ice road leading out to the fish house yesterday.

Sunset on Upper Red Lake.

The ice road this morning.  It was snowing lightly with a pretty strong wind.

And then there was this:

"I have successfully fished my truck keys from the bottom of Upper Red Lake!"

The keys were found through this hole in the ice.

I can't wait to hear the story he has to tell about that one!


  1. I know its below freezing for you guys and miserable..but it does make for some beautiful pics of things that some of us in the south will probably never see. So thank you for sharing those.

    I can't believe he found his keys....that in itself is a miracle, because in most cases you don't, much less through a ice fishing hole. wow!

  2. Son is really good about sharing pictures. I enjoy them and am glad that others do too.

    The only thing he had going for him in finding his keys was that the lake is fairly shallow. He said he put a lure with a treble hook on a line and bounced it around on the bottom. Took about 15 minutes to snag the keys. I think there may have been a happy dance involved about then!

  3. That's too cold for me. When the temperature drops, and the days chill to the bone, I prefer the opportunity to soak in a hot bath, jump into bed and let my slumber ease the discomfort.

  4. The cold didn't bother me so much when I was young. But now that I am no longer young, it isn't much fun. Soaks in a hot bath, lots of flannel and something chocolate help. I won't go outdoors until the temp gets above zero. A person puts up with less than ideal conditions to be close to family.