Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet...

Yesterday I posted about canning bacon. Yoders' Bacon was mentioned in a comment.  So I decided to look up Yoders' to see how much it cost.  I looked at three different websites just long enough to see that I had better can my own bacon slices.  Geez, but that stuff is spendy!

Anyway, it wasn't 2 minutes later when I looked at Drudge.  Right there at the top of the page where they have their ad was an ad for.....Yoders' Bacon.

I then looked at WND.  Yep.  Multiple ads for.....Yoders' Bacon.

Looked at two more websites.  Amazingly, both had ads for.....Yoders' Bacon.

I'm not surprised to see ads for things I have searched for online.  Happens all the time.  I am surprised at how quickly the ads appear.

Big Brother's name is Google, and he IS watching.


  1. Yoders isn't cheap but it's tasty! I could eat a whole can, though I am sure the salt and preservatives would kill me.

    I've seen the add thing too. I go to a news page, and up pops an add for Sportsmans Guide or some other place I go on the net.

    The Great Computer knows all.

  2. Funny you would mention this after I left a comment on Facebook. I googled a lamp I liked, and there is was - on my facebook. I googled "salmon dog treats" yesterday, and there it was on my facebook sidebar. Then when I was reading my email: it was on the side of the page! I swear, I'm almost ready to google "naked firemen" and see what shows up. LOL

    We err when we think we have privacy. Just BEING on the internet, whatever you do in one second, is there for eternity.

  3. Harry...I've heard that the Yoders' is good tasting. The cheapest I saw was $13.49 for a 9 oz. can. I can pay $5 for a pound of bacon and that will fit in a quart jar for canning. Even figuring in the price of parchment paper, the canning lids, etc., I'm still better off canning my own. I'm going to give it a try as soon as possible and see how the taste is. The bacon bits have a really good flavor, so I have high hopes for canning the sliced bacon.

    I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in whatever I look at online. I never, ever buy anything via the internet - just compare prices. I was just amazed at how little time it took for Google to try to tempt me into spending my money!!

  4. Dana...Let me know how the naked firemen thing works for you! (evil grin)

    You are right. And it isn't just the internet. Everything we say or do is duly recorded somewhere. Privacy is a thing of the past. When making a phone call, land line or cell, you might as well say hello to the people at NSA. By listening to the scanner, I found that the Minneapolis police can track a cell phone to within 100 yards of it's location. I was just reading that in another year or so, if it hasn't been done already, there will be tracking devices in all vehicles so that government agencies can tell where you are at any given point in time and can check back to see where you have been.

    I don't have a cell phone. I don't have a car. But the bus I ride has video cameras and recording devices and most likely all of the stores I visit have the same. I'm pretty sure that if I sneeze here in my apartment, someone, somewhere knows.

  5. Anything done can be undone by the very people who NEED to be watched. Like guns, the ones that are legally registered are outnumbered by the ones stolen and illegally carried. A tracking device in a car would be a good thing if you were in a wreck, or carjacked, but with the way finances are going, who will be able to afford one?

  6. Dana...If you have GPS, you already have a tracking device. What I read about at several different sources including Forbes, CBS News and a bunch of auto related websites and alternative news websites, was that in 2012 there was a bill that would make it mandatory, starting in 2015, for car manufacturers to install in all new cars a "black box" device. This is similar to the black box on planes. It would record your speed, your route, how much pressure you applied to the brakes - in other words, about everything related to driving your car. According to what I read, the bill made it through the Senate. I don't know if it went any further. If it failed, you know that it will come up again or will be signed into law under executive order. It is another form of control. It is said that a warrant would be necessary to access the black box. But we all know that warrants are regularly ignored these days.

    You are absolutely spot on about those who need to be watched being able to undo the watching. It is the average, law abiding citizen who just wants to be free to come and go as he/she pleases and just wants to live their lives while being left alone, that laws like this and gun control laws will affect. Criminals don't care. They just do what they are going to do anyway.

    I will kick my soapbox into the corner now.

  7. Exactly. Laws only apply to law abiding citizens.