Sunday, March 22, 2015

One of Those Days

I don't have them real often.  One of those days where I just don't feel like doing anything worthwhile.  But today seems to be in that category.

Snow is in the forecast.  As I look out the window, I see that it has just begun to fall.  I am told that when all is said and done, there should be anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of the stuff on the ground.  That really doesn't affect me much as I won't be going outside just yet.  But my sympathy lies with those who have to drive to work tomorrow morning.

In anticipation of a lazy day, my Kindle is fully charged.  A freshly made pot of coffee awaits.  Supper is in the crock pot - two beautiful pork chops that I will later smother with sage dressing.  In an hour or so I will combine breakfast and lunch with a fried egg sandwich.  Sprinkled with garlic salt.  Maybe a bit of shredded cheese.

I thank God on a regular basis that after so many years of working, I am now able to take a lazy day if I wish to.  For me, that is the absolute height of luxury.  So I'm going to grab my Kindle, put my feet up, settle back and finish the story I'm reading about a couple of amateur detectives in the 1920's.

I just love those old books.  Especially the murder mystery ones.  It is fun to sift through the clues to try to guess "who done it."  I am often wrong, but it is fun just the same.  Yes, I know.  I am easily amused!


  1. vicki, let me know any good ones. my husband loves the old ones, especially british.
    he has a list.
    he orders thru the library inter library loan program.
    some come in boxes held together by rubber bands!
    i will send you his list.

    deb harvey

  2. deb...I have maybe 600 old books on my Kindle. I downloaded them all from

    I do the same with audio books, mostly from Then I downloaded a free player from, so I can listen to the old books while doing other things within the sound range of my computer.

    I don't bother with TV any more, but I would be lost without my books, no matter what the form!

  3. I like old books because they teach accurate history, even though they were current at the time. Modern books about the old days are nearly always full of so much pretend knowledge that I can't tolerate them.

  4. Gorges...The books I often read are ones written between 1850 and 1930. Many are novels, for I like a good story when reading for amusement. But I also have collected some that are of the same vintage, but are filled with history or in some cases, how to do some of the things that our ancestors took for granted but have been lost over time. It is all interesting to me.

  5. Didn't start snowing here in Cokato until around 5pm. I have spent today watch some old John Wayne movies again. Watching the news first time in like 3 days. CAP tomorrow night. Kids are on spring break here this week.

  6. Rob...Snowed lightly for a little while this AM. Then stopped and just started again maybe 45 minutes ago. It is just light snow, so I'm hoping it won't amount to much. Been lazy today, which was kind of nice.

  7. We're supposed to have snow here in North Georgia again this weekend. I thought we were through with that for the year.

    It's nice to just be able to stay inside and stay warm and dry, isn't it.

  8. Harry...Mother Nature doesn't give up easily, does she! There is a possibility of another blast of winter here later this week, as well.

    One of the rewards for a lifetime of hard work is being able to stay inside, warm and dry, when there is a storm. Another is going to bed at night knowing that there is no reason to set the alarm. I think I am satisfied with those two rewards.