Monday, April 13, 2015

Beef Stew and Biscuits

So yesterday morning Son says to me, "I'll make you a deal.  I'll make beef stew for supper if you will make the biscuits."  Being a reasonably intelligent person as well as a lover of stew and biscuits, I jumped all over that deal.

Middle of the afternoon he raided my canning shelves.  A couple jars of beef chunks, a jar of potatoes, carrots and peas, another of green beans and a small jar of corn and a quart of tomatoes went into the pot.  He mixed in seasonings and let it simmer.  While the biscuits baked, he thickened it for gravy.  It was wonderful!  And the leftovers will be good tomorrow, too.

The kid can cook.


  1. Sounds good. Chilly and wet here today. Maybe I'll make some beef stew as well.

  2. Gorges...It was wonderful. And it will be so again today, with enough to freeze for later.

  3. Harry...It was warm here, but my son's cooking tastes good no matter what the weather! It is kind of nice having another cook in the house!