Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Lied...

Well, not on purpose.  I just wasn't paying attention yesterday when the packages of bacon arrived in my kitchen.  They were 3 lb. packages - not 5 lb.  They yielded 13 half-pint jars of diced bacon.  The 18 lbs. of hamburger gave me another 21 pints for the shelves.  The last of it is in the pressure canner as I write.  And I wonder why it is that I can't get my fingers to type a single sentence on this laptop without creating errors.  Sigh.

Tomorrow morning I will get going with the Great Northern beans.  I didn't write down how many quarts of canned beans I can get from one pound of dry beans last year, so your guess is as good as mine.

And now I'm off to clean up my messy kitchen.  I really wish I were one of those tidy people who can wash a dish as soon as it is dirtied, dry it and put it back into the cupboard.  Alas, I am not.  I have two dishwashers, but both are located on the ends of my arms, so there is no hiding away the dirty dishes.  Pray for me.  And if I don't resurface in a day or two, send in a rescue party.


  1. I started washing dishes at 12 and it took forever. Now I can get it done in 15 min. depending on how much we have. My kids are still slow. my wife is almost as fast as me. When we had a dishwasher it ran twice and day and used soap as fast as a pop corn maker.

    Any way still around.

  2. Rob...I've only once in my life had a dishwasher. And I didn't think the dishes looked clean when done. I think I'll stick with the ones at the end of my arms.
    Glad you are OK.