Saturday, June 20, 2015

I've Been Playing

When my grandchildren graduate from High School, one of their gifts from Grandma is a photo album.  I enjoy scrapbooking so that is the style I use.  But buying all of the physical supplies has become a bit too expensive for my budget, so I decided to do the scrapbooking on my computer.

Over the years I have collected a vast amount of graphics for this hobby.  So it was just a matter of putting them together with the photos I have of Nicki.  When the pages were complete I printed them out in an 8 in. x 8 in. size, put them into page protectors and then into a nice album.  There is still the expense of photo paper and ink, but that cost me less than the regular scrapbooking supplies.

Although this particular album cost me a bit more than I was planning for.  Earlier this week I started printing pages.  After seven or eight pages, my old printer decided it really didn't like the photo paper.  And although it still works with regular computer paper, it refused to run any more of the thicker photo paper through.  I fiddled with it and couldn't find the problem.  So finally I gave up and called the closest store that carries printers.  Got lucky and talked with a nice young man who sold me a printer that I didn't need a bank loan for.  He also got together the ink I needed as well as more paper and had it all ready for Son to pick up the next evening on his way home from work.

Here are a few of the pages.

I had so much fun working on this.  I wound up with 58 pages.  And Nicki loved the finished album.  And that is what is important.

I think I will keep on scrapbooking my pictures this way.  I have lots of pictures on my computer and on a backup drive, but I like having a regular album to sit and look through now and then. 


  1. Good work. It's hard to beat something that you can hold in your hand.

  2. Thanks, Gorges. That's why I print the pages out after I make them on the computer. I really like having the physical album to look through.

  3. You must spend a fortune on ink. I have three printers, one LexMark and two HP, hooked to this computer. If I order cartridges for all three of them it runs me about $120.00.

  4. Harry...Yeah, the ink doesn't come cheap. To do the 58 prints for the album used almost two cartridges of the tri-color, but very little black. If I use the store brand ink rather than the HP ink, that runs me around $40 for that number of 8x8 prints. Plus the cost of the photo paper. Still, even with that, it is a relatively inexpensive hobby and something I enjoy doing.

  5. You could have really shocked your granddaughter by putting it all on a flashdrive and giving that to her. She would have thought you were so with-it. Of course the danger of that is the next level of technology might make the flashdrive obsolete.

    Just think her grandchildren may still be enjoying what you did.

    Grace and peace.

  6. Pumice...I thought about using a flash drive but didn't for the very reason you stated. And I haven't been with-it since 1965! :)
    Family history and photos are important to me. I am enjoying photos taken of my great-great grandparents about 1900. I don't mind using my computer to create the pages, but I really like having the albums that can be held in the hand as opposed to looking at a screen. Guess I am just old-fashioned that way.