Thursday, June 25, 2015


This posted by my son:

"I just heard the President on the radio saying how great the affordable care act is. He said that the average American family has seen their healthcare costs go down $1800 per year.
I would like to know why my family's health care costs just increased over $2200 for the next year.
Really, Mr. President, really! Please stop blowing smoke up my behind and tell the truth."

And this by my daughter:

"I just picked up a prescription that was $27 last year....$144."

I think that if our president looked me square in the eye and told me that the sky is blue and the leaves are green, I would have to go check for myself.  I once had a friend who was a cop tell me that when talking with someone under suspicion for a crime, he automatically presumed that person was lying.  Isn't it sad that the same presumption can be said about the leader of our nation. 

... and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32


  1. politician=liar

    if pols believed in the true God they would be wetting themselves in fear of their punishment. it is obvious to me that most of them are either atheists or self-worshippers.
    deb h.

  2. deb...It is all about money and power. They don't give a hoot about those of us who pay their salaries. I have to believe there is a special place in hell for them.

  3. Obama is one of the worst liars ever to come out of the Democratic Party, and that's really saying something.

  4. The sad thing is, the morons that put him in there would do it again in a heartbeat.

  5. Harry...The word pathological comes to mind. I understand that politicians have been lying to the general population for centuries, but I do believe that he takes lying to a whole new level. The sad part is that he seems to be getting away with it.

  6. Of course they would, Gorges. How else are they going to get all of their free stuff.

  7. I met a guy in a parking lot while waiting for my wife.
    Loved my Nobama sticker.
    Said he has healthcare now through ACA.
    He's forced to buy something he'll never use because he can't afford the $5000 deductible.

  8. Ed...I haven't seen your Nobama sticker, but I love it anyway!

    Son's post was on Facebook. It generated a conversation with all but one telling of much higher rates or of losing insurance due to ACA. Daughter's insurance no longer covers spouse. Only one praised ACA, but he also praised Obama, so I guess that explains that. Freedom of choice seems to be gone along with so many of our freedoms. This just will not end well.