Thursday, July 2, 2015

Expressing an Opinion Can Get You Pulled Over

Son and I are spending a quiet late afternoon in the living room.  He is reading and has his laptop tuned to the police scanner website, playing in the background.  It is tuned to a suburb north of Minneapolis that has, for reasons unknown to me, some interesting calls.  That county seems to have an overabundance of dumb people doing dumb things.  Like the guy doing wheelies on his motorcycle in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Anyway, a call comes in where the police are looking for a vehicle.  The reason they are looking for this vehicle is that the driver said something insulting to the person who called the police.  The crime committed here was "verbal assault."

So I asked Son if that means that when somebody does something stupid I can no longer yell "Moron" at them.  Son said that was pretty much right.  And I asked if that meant that I could no longer flip somebody off if they did something equally stupid.  Son allowed that this might not be the best response now days.  Was more than likely against some law or other.

Sheesh!  This politically correct garbage sure spoils a lot of fun.


  1. That only applies to white folks. Blacks and other minorities can say and do whatever they want.

  2. Georges is spot on.

    Not long ago, four old men in a McDonalds were arrested for "terroristic threats" after they made uncomplimentary remarks about Obama. Not threats, just negative comments about his character. But a black worker in the restaurant heard them, called the FBI, and they were all four arrested. Of course it was B.S. and they were later released without being charged, but they were not compensated for spending 3 months in prison and the "informant" was not fired.

  3. Harry...I can't say as I am surprised. Just another example of how far we have fallen. Freedom of Speech? Gone. Sounds to me like scare tactics to bring those four gentlemen in line with the government lie.
    You know what really scares me? I spent some time with one of my daughters this morning. I mentioned to her that my previous blog post was a bit of a rant. When she asked what the rant was about, I told her it was about the sorry state of America today. Her response was that I didn't know what I was talking about. She and her husband have good jobs. The economy is great. Everything in America is just fine.
    This comes from a highly intelligent woman. This is not one of those who were bribed with a free Obamaphone. Nor is she using an EBT card or waiting for the next welfare check. But to her, all is well.
    God but we are in such trouble if those like her are that clueless.

  4. I firmly believe that flipping someone off is just a reminder that they are the #1 driver around these parts. My wife is kind to remind be that I am her #1 husband almost daily.

  5. That's funny, Rob...Sometimes I just need to be a little silly to keep from crying or screaming over the stupidity around me! When I heard on the scanner that someone had actually called the police because someone else had insulted them, all I could think of was when my kids were little and I would hear, "Mom, he's looking at me! Mom, she touched me! Mom"!!! And the fact that it was actually against the law just floored me. No wonder America is on its way down the tubes. We are too busy worrying about hurt feelings and insults.
    Off my soap box now. :)