Friday, July 17, 2015

White Coats and Appointments

So I had an appointment a week or so ago with my family physician.  They make you come in every three months.  They don't like to refill prescriptions unless you do.  So I did.

My children take me to these appointments.  They do so because I don't own a car.  And because they don't trust me to follow doctor's orders.  They know about the dislike I have for doctor visits.  Comes from my parents, I think.  Mother was ill nearly all of her life and spent countless hours and days in doctor's offices and hospitals.  Dad developed an attitude of thinking doctors were gods.  After Mother's death and in his later years, he became obsessed with seeing a doctor for every little ache and pain.  A perfect example was this:

Got a call from my brother who lived near Dad at the time.  Dad was living in the small nursing home in his home town, where he was well cared for.  His physical condition was such that he could no longer live at home, but his mental capacities were as sharp as ever.  Anyway, brother called to tell me that Dad was on his way to the hospital.  Seems he was having some pain in his shoulder and because of his history of heart problems, he had convinced the nursing home staff that he was probably having a heart attack.  I told brother to let me know what was happening and that I could be there in a few hours if needed.  The call came a couple of hours later.  I asked brother what was wrong with Dad.  He said the doctors told him that he had a sore shoulder and sent him home.  But Dad was happy.  He got to ride in an ambulance the 25 miles to the hospital.  He got to see a couple of doctors.  And he got to flirt a bit with the nurses.  All at 90 + years of age!  I really miss that sneaky old man.

Anyway, I kept my appointment.  Which resulted in two more appointments - one with a podiatrist yesterday (foot care is apparently important to diabetics) and one this morning with an eye specialist (it seems that diabetics also can have major eye problems).  Daughter set up both appointments, knowing that I probably wouldn't.

Youngest Son took me to the podiatrist appointment yesterday.  My feet are ugly, but healthy.  But now I am told I need special shoes designed for diabetics.  So Youngest Son took me directly to the office of the shoe people and proceeded to make an appointment to be measured for shoes.  He was taking no chances on my backing out of that.  Couldn't do anything about it.  His truck - he kept the keys - had to go along with it.  I was too far away to walk home.

So this morning I am thinking I will see the eye doctor, get a new prescription for glasses and that would be the end of it.  Been doing this since I first wore glasses at 8 years of age.  No problem.  Wouldn't have to see anyone wearing a white coat for a while.  Silly me.

Cataract surgery on my left eye is scheduled for August third, followed by surgery on the right eye two weeks later.

I suppose most of this is my own fault.  I haven't kept up with these things like I should have.  But I had the feeling that my life was out of control.  The one thing I really dislike - the doctor's visits and all - was happening and I didn't like it.  Until my daughter broke through my anger and told me I did have a choice.  I could have the surgery and be able to see without glasses for the first time in over 60 years, with the exception of over the counter reading glasses for close work, or I could choose not to have the surgery and be able to see less and less clearly.  She was right.  I stuffed my anger and stubbornness into my back pocket and made the appointments.

But when this is all done with, I don't want to see a white coat wearing medical person for a long time.  :)


  1. Dr. visits tend to go that way. First they send out for tests. Then they have someone read the tests, then they schedule you with a specialist, who does tests. Which he sends out to be read. Then he sends you to a specialist....

    All of these people are a long way away, difficult to get to, and they overbook so you spend a lot of time awaiting their pleasure in waiting rooms.

    One of the biggest complaints I have about getting older is having to go to the doctor more often. I can sympathize with you completely.

  2. You are right, Harry. Used to be you went to the doctor when you were sick or had something wrong. The doctor either wrote a prescription or fixed the problem in the office. If that wasn't possible, you were sent to the hospital and got it fixed there. Now you run all over the place to hell and gone and by the time all is said and done you have been in several offices having a myriad of tests. AARRGGGH!

    I don't much mind getting old. Better than the alternative. However, it bugs me no end to have to doctor for this and doctor for that. I don't do well with being told what to do, I guess, and then I wind up having a bunch of others in white coats telling me what to do all over again. Just tell me what is wrong, tell me how to fix it, and then leave me alone. :)


  3. Cataract surgery is a piece of cake, and you won't need glasses again, except maybe for reading. It is a good deal. My doc wants me to see him every 3 months...I tell him I will see him when I am sick. His office is full of germs and sick people, so I try to stay out of there.

  4. Tewshooz...I'm not worried about the surgery. I'm told it is about a 10 minute procedure and know others who have had it with no problems. I've just been dealing with medical stuff since last winter and am so very tired of it all. I agree about going to the doctor only when sick. I may have to have the same chat with mine soon. :)

  5. I too cant stand docs! I am glad you are getting fix e d tho. Xo x o

  6. Thanks, Mary...I know when all is said and done I will be glad I had the surgery. I guess it is just all of the bs involved to get to that point. I'm just so tired of it all. Think I will go into hiding when this is done. :)
    xoxo back at ya!

  7. Gee the shoe is now on the other foot, Add my name to the list of folks who are lined up to kick your ass old lady. Please take care of your self. Should I forward your last email to me, back to you??????????

  8. PS I will buy your kids white lab coats, AND YOU KNOW I WILL to wear around you.

  9. Oh, No!!! Please not the lab coats! Rob, I get it. I'm doing everything I am supposed to do. I am jumping through the hoops. I know when this is all done with I will be glad I did what I needed to do. But in the meantime, I don't have to like it! (big grin)

  10. Maybe you should that God for your caring children and that you are still repairable...some of us aren't.

  11. Cindy...If you had read some of my earlier posts, you would know just how grateful I am to have four adult children who care about me. As my youngest son told me, in his own unique style, when I thanked him for taking the time to see to it that I got to my appointments and making sure I took care of what I needed to take care of, "Mom, if we didn't care about you, we would just let you sit there and rot!" I thank God every single day that He gave me four children who are always there for me. I am blessed far more than I deserve to be.

    I am also very grateful that some of my physical problems can be fixed. I grew up with a mother whose body, over the years, was consumed by rheumatoid arthritis until finally she could do absolutely nothing for herself. I have fed her and washed her and done for her the other not so nice things that needed to be taken care of. I have held her while she cried from the pain and held her hand by her hospital bedside, not knowing if she would live. I understand just how lucky I am to be, as you say, repairable.

    I am so sorry that apparently you have things that can not be fixed. Nobody should have to live through that kind of pain, either physical or mental. You will be in my prayers.

    We all cope in different ways. If my way of using a little humor or a bit of sarcasm to cope with fears and pain seems unfeeling, I am sorry. We each do what works for us. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. It is appreciated.

  12. Gorges...Yeah...sometimes enough is just plain enough! :)

  13. Vicki, you are a class act. Hang in there.

  14. Matt...Hi! Glad to hear from you. I have never thought of myself as you describe. I'm just a chubby gray haired granny with a somewhat skewed sense of humor who is working at living long enough to be a problem to her children. They tell me that if I haven't already reached that goal, I am darned close. :)