Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coffee Delivery Service

It is funny how things work.   I have lived alone for over eight years now, so when Son needed a place to stay, it took some getting used to, having another person living here.  And now that he has moved out, it takes some getting used to again.  I have to admit, he spoils me some.  Little things, like making a pot of coffee for me before he left for work at dark-thirty in the morning.  I had teased him that because he was moving to the apartment next door, there was no reason he couldn't continue that practice.

I have railroad tracks running a block away from my apartment.  I can sleep right through the noise of a train whistle as it crosses that street intersection.  No problem.  But there are some noises that will awaken me from a sound sleep.  Years ago, when I lived close to my parents and when my mother was so very ill and her health was precarious at best, it was not unusual for me to get a phone call from my Dad in the middle of the night asking me to come to the hospital where she had been admitted for one complication or another relating to her rheumatoid arthritis, including several bouts of pneumonia.  Since that time I am wide awake at the first sound of the phone ringing.  Another sound that will wake me up is the sound of a key turning in the lock of my door.  And that is what I heard early this morning.

When Son came into my kitchen, a fresh cup of coffee for me in hand.

And about a half hour later, when he brought his coffee pot to refill my cup.

I love his sense of humor!

There has been nothing very exciting going on here in my little corner of the world.  I am still working on getting my apartment reorganized since Son's move.  He has taken several cases of my home canned food over to his place, and that has helped free up space for the ham, tomatoes and ham & bean soup I recently canned and which had been stacked in my kitchen for lack of room to put it away.  I thought I was about finished with canning season for this year, but I think there will be one more Farmer's Market run this coming weekend for cranberries and more butternut squash and maybe some pumpkins.  I like having cranberry juice on hand and the homemade juice is so much better tasting than anything I can buy premade.

I think I will take time to make a couple of loaves of banana bread this afternoon.  I will keep one loaf and share the other with Son for his lunches this week.  It is always more fun to be able to share.


  1. It's unique how we can sleep through the sound of a train, but the tiniest uncommon rustle will awaken us in a second.

    If you did nothing else right, raising your children to honor you makes up for any wrongs. It's an honor that can only come from love.

  2. Here I was thinking Starbucks not Sonwell House...Banana bread sounds good, even pumpkin bread. My mom would save up small metal coffee cans and bake pumpkin bread in them and give to family at christmas. Always was a hit. 85 today mid 30's tomorrow night, yep fall in MN. Now folks will get sick and it will turn into flu season.

  3. Thank you, Jess...I have been well and truly blessed. And it helps that all four of my young'ns have well developed senses of humor. Keeps life interesting.

  4. Rob...Sonwell House - that's funny! I remember baking pumpkin bread in the metal one lb. coffee cans. Now the cans are made of foil lined cardboard or plastic. And now you have made me hungry for pumpkin bread, too! :)

  5. Coffee and banana bread ... mmmmm. :)

  6. Rev. Paul...Doesn't get much better than that, does it! I would mail you some banana bread, but I don't think it would fit in the envelope. :)

  7. It sounds like a real blessing to have your son close by. Happy baking!


  8. Fern...It is a blessing. My other three are close, the youngest being about an hour away, so I am doubly blessed. I need to be careful not to take advantage of Son's good nature! Or any of them, for that matter. Banana bread is in the oven. Chocolate chip cookies are in the planning stages. Hope you and Frank are having as lovey a Sunday as I am.

  9. When my wife was going through recovery from serious surgery it was impossible for me to sleep in the same room but she still might need me. I was so tired I would not be bouncing out of bed because she groaned but still needed to be available. Our solution was on top of an antique piece of furniture. It is labelled, "Holstein Bell no. 5." Several times I was awakened to the sound of a cow bell.

    Not as nice as the sound of a coffee maker, but it worked.

    Grace and peace.

  10. Pumice...I may be able to sleep through the whistle of a train a block away, but I do believe a cow bell would bring me bolt upright and wide-eyed from a sound sleep. But then, when someone we love is ill, we never seem to enjoy a sound sleep, do we. I pray your wife's recovery was good and complete.