Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Ramble

I have a tendency to postpone projects in December until after Christmas.  I don't know why, for I have not one legitimate excuse.  My place is too small for family gatherings, so there is nothing extra for me to do for Christmas except make a few goodies to take to our family day.  I stopped putting up a Christmas tree when I had cats, for they would begin to undecorate it just as soon as I hung the last bit of tinsel.  The final straw was cutting my foot on the remains of a glass ornament the cats had been using for a rousing soccer game.  And yet, even without any extra holiday preparations, I still put things off until December 26.  Makes no sense.

I am busy cleaning out a fairly large TV stand that sits in my living room.  It has deep shelves on the bottom and smaller shelves on the sides.  It serves no purpose for me since I gave away my TV, and when I asked Oldest Son if he could make use of it, he said it would work well in his apartment to hold a microwave on the top and maybe pots, pans and kitchen stuff on the shelves.  The only bad thing about our apartments is the lack of kitchen storage pace.   I'm glad he can use it.

Once the TV stand is gone I can move my desk and set up my sewing machine.  The desk is an old one I bought at a garage sale many years ago.  It opens up with leaves like a dining room table, and with the TV stand gone, I will have room to add maybe three leaves and have a nice sewing area.  I have fabric for several quilt tops that I want to cut out and sew together over the winter.   I have been using my kitchen table for a sewing table, but it is irritating to get part way through sewing a project and then have to move it all in order to use the table for meals and other things.  It will be nice to have a permanent place to sew.

I have been glancing out my windows from time to time today, looking to see if the predicted snow has started to fall.  The weather guessers are telling us we could get nearly a foot of the white stuff.  We have had plenty of moisture here, but mostly in the form of rain and sleet.  Today the temperature sits at 23 degrees, so I am hoping for the sake of those who have to be out and about that we get the snow and not ice.   The radar shows we are on the edge of the storm with states to the east and south of us getting the brunt of it.

Seems like a good day for comfort food.  I thawed out a bag of leftover turkey and set it to simmering in homemade turkey broth along with some seasonings.  Later I'll make dumplings in the broth and open a jar of green beans to go with it.  Chicken or turkey and dumplings is one of my favorite comfort foods.  My Dad used to make the best chicken and dumplings.  More than once I showed up at his house, chicken in hand, and begged him to fix that dish for me.  Sharing that meal with my Dad is one of my best memories.

I am all done rambling now.  I have some apples that need to be used, so I think an apple crisp would taste good for dessert.  I'm having a nice day.  Hope you are, too.


  1. Twenty three is too cold for my bones. It stayed in the forties today, and I left work hunched over like an old beggar with arthritis.

    Thank goodness for hot water, and a nip of scotch.

  2. It's getting colder here, too. They tell us the summery weather is gone for good.

  3. Jess...Too cold for me, too. I feel sorry for Oldest Son who worked outside all day. Maybe the hot meal here will warm him up some.

  4. Gorges...I think winter has arrived here. Don't care if I stay indoors until spring. :)

  5. Our 12"+ rain has finally ended, much to our appreciation. On top of our mud bog we had a few minutes of light snow flurries this afternoon. I guess it might have been pretty, but I just grumbled at it to go away. We're in the 40's during the day and 20's at night now. It won't be bad if the wind calms down and we have a little sunshine to go with it. I know winter is here, but honestly, I'm really not looking forward to cold weather. I hope you fair well and enjoy your dumplings.


  6. Fern...I have been hearing about the wet weather others have been experiencing. I think I would rather deal with our snow than with all the water. It is approaching midnight and it looks like we have maybe 6 inches of snow on the ground so far, but it seems to be letting up some. I am not a big fan of winter, either. This is where having a well stocked larder is nice. While others are having to go out in the snow and cold to pick up needed items at the grocery, I just get what I need from the pantry. Years ago I lived in a house that had an old fashioned pot-bellied wood stove. I really miss that! The turkey and dumplings were delicious. :)

  7. Our snow total was a bust, 1.0". Weather guessers is spot on. So many will grow tired of the hoopla, and be caught off guard,then they will cry "we had no warning" idiots. Its winter in MN. I see folks out without coats and wonder if they even have them in the car. While I don't travel around here like I will get stuck, I still run the risk of walking.

    When we go back to CAP next week I will pack some extra clothes and a shovel. just incase, and some snack food.

  8. Smart move, Rob...It is amazing how many are totally unprepared for winter in Minnesota. You know as well as I do that the weather can change in a heartbeat. Slide off the road somewhere and you might not be found until spring. We wound up with a bit over 6 inches of snow. I won't be going out any time soon to measure it, though! :)