Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Chocolate Chip Cookies...

and a cup of coffee can be considered, in some circles, breakfast.  Right?

Hit the ground running (OK.  I haven't run anywhere in a few years.  How about smartly stepping out.)  this morning, starting with a phone call from the lady who does the actual shopping for my grocery order.  Did I want 10 lbs. or 10 packages of pork chops.  That will be 10 lbs., thank you.  Ten packages at 3 - 4 lbs. each would put a bit of a dent in my budget.  I sure am glad they call me to verify anything questionable on my order.

My grocery order will be delivered sometime this afternoon.  It includes 12 lbs. of hamburger that is on sale.  I've thawed out another several pounds from my freezer, getting it ready to can.  My order also includes the ingredients for canned slaw/relish using the recipe from my last post.  There is a gallon of cranberries heating on the stove for juice, with another gallon waiting in the wings.  Son has been given the task of going to the store for more canning lids.  I forgot to order them.

So when I finish browning and chopping and mixing and stirring and filling jars and processing, I shall return to finish out the Canning Series.  Until then, there are lots of good reads in the sidebar.  This may take a while.  :)


  1. Good morning. I think chocolate is it's own food group. So, yes, it sounds like a very nice breakfast! Have a great day. SJ in Vancouver BC

  2. SJ...Yep. You are right about chocolate being its own food group. And if it isn't, it should be. :) I'm drowning in cranberry juice at the moment but not complaining. Glad to have it on the shelves. Be back in a couple of days. Hope your day is good.

  3. vicki,
    thanks for canning series.

    we had to bwecome gluten free.
    if the cookies are made with almond flour and jarrow coconut oil they are delicious, and eat a bunch! they are protein.
    no need to question their meal replacement worthiness.

  4. You are welcome. Deb...I have one more post to write in the series, but it will have to wait a day or two until I finish my own canning.

    I'm afraid my chocolate chip cookies are the standard white flour - butter - chocolate variety. But I will pass the information on to my daughter who is trying a gluten free diet. Thanks.

  5. I must say that naps are very, very necessary! :o)

  6. Chickenmom...I used to tease my Dad about his afternoon naps, but I now know the man was on to something. :)