Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Do As I Say...

First, for my records, there are 19 more pints of hamburger on the shelf.  Actually, 16 pints on the shelf and 3 pints in the freezer.  My pressure canner holds 16 pints and it is not worthwhile to run a second load of only 3 pints, so into the freezer they went.

Now about this "Do as I say, not as I do" thing.

I had 10 lbs. of apples to can.  I got set up to start the process and found my sugar bucket in the kitchen was empty.  So I went back to my closet pantry for another bucket of sugar.

Yep, you guessed it.  Five buckets.  All full of flour.  No sugar.

This from the person who preaches constantly about being prepared.  It was my own fault.  I didn't pay close enough attention.  I hang my head in shame.

So now what!  Well, I suppose I could just call a kid and ask them to bring me a bag of sugar.  I have four of them - kids, not bags of sugar.  I am sure that at least one of them would take pity on me and do a store run for me.

But then I got to thinking about it.  What if there was nobody to call.  Not everyone has family close by who are willing to help.  And what about the staying as independent as possible thing.  That is important to many of my vintage.  Just how independent is it if I call and whine over a bag of sugar.

So I decided to wait and add sugar to my next grocery order.  These apples will be made into apple crisp and fried apples and maybe, just maybe, an apple pie.

I need to do a little better at taking my own advice.  Do as I say and not as I do just doesn't cut it.


  1. There's a big difference between someone like you who runs out of items because they are actively in gear preparing for hard times and those who don't have certain items because they are too busy watching "reality" TV and can't be bothered to get it in gear.

  2. Thanks, Matt...I know you're right. I just found it a bit ironic that I preach preparedness because I really believe it is important, and then I run out of an item I need because I wasn't prepared! Life seems to have a way of keeping us humble, doesn't it. :)

  3. There's always going to be something you forgot to do, store, or otherwise prepare for when "the music stops." Some vital store will have been missed. The truck's tank will be sitting on "E." I've found over the years that the hardest part of preparing is STAYING prepared. This is where the community aspect of prepping comes into play. Don't be afraid to call upon those you trust in times of need. God built us this way. Forging community is at least as important as bullets, bacon, and beans! "I got a brand new pair of roller skates. You got a brand new key..."

  4. LOL - Sometimes it's really aggravating to be human.

  5. PeteForester1...I agree that staying prepared can be more difficult than getting prepared. Seems like there is always something I have overlooked. It is unfortunate that those in my neighborhood have no interest at all in preparing - mostly, I think because they can not believe that, as you say, the "music will stop." However, I am blessed with grown children who, if I called this morning and asked one of them to bring me a bag of sugar, it would arrive by this evening. I just don't like to ask for something that trivial and tend to wait and ask for help when it is something I absolutely can not take care of myself. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

  6. Yeah, Gorges...Ain't it the truth! :)

  7. In your last post you talked about canning coleslaw. Can you please post the recipe for canning coleslaw.

  8. Sue...If you go three or four posts back (Canning Series - Pickles and Relishes) the recipe is at the end of that post. In my opinion, this is some seriously good stuff. I use it as a relish to compliment a variety of meats or as a coleslaw, either plain or draining the relish a bit and adding a little mayo. The recipe is forgiving. This time I had 3 medium sized, firm cabbage, 5 lbs. of carrots, 8 medium bell peppers and 3 medium onions. As long as the base ingredient of cabbage is more than the rest, it is delicious. Too many peppers or onions might overpower the cabbage. I just make enough syrup to cover the vegetables. Hope you like it. :)

  9. Hi Vicki, just stopping in to say Hello. No pressure but I'm missing your posts. Hope all is well. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

  10. Hi SJ...Thanks for checking up on me. :)
    All is well here in my little corner of the world. I just got busy with that thing called Life. My landlord is selling my building and I needed to make sure no dust bunnies had been multiplying in the corners before the new potential owner did an inspection. And I am experimenting with making mini scrapbooking-type photo albums using paper lunch bags. I am having so much fun that it is hard to leave it alone until I finish up the several I am working on. I will probably be back to posting regularly after the weekend. Hope all is well in your world, my friend.

  11. Hi back. So glad you are having fun with your srapbooking and life in general. I was hoping it was something positive.
    Will you have to move when the building sells?
    All is well in my world. Spring is here. I've planted peas in my garden. I am waiting to plant more until the community garden work day. On the work day, we get compost to put on our plots. It's part of our yearly fee.
    Fun to hear from you. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver

  12. SJ...I hope the sale of the building doesn't mean a move in my future, but who knows. My landlord tells me that the guy who is looking to buy is interested in restoring the outside of the building to its original state. Right now it has an exterior of stucco. I have seen pictures of it shortly after it was built in the late 1800's and it had lots of beautiful brick work. Much prettier than stucco.

    Oh, but I envy you being able to get out and dig in the dirt! Good for you. It really sounds like your community garden is a good thing in your area. I remember years go I would plant twice as many peas as I needed because my kids would eat them raw, right off the vine. We have had some warm days, but snow is forecast for tonight. AARRRGH!! It won't last long. Temps in the mid 40's and low 50's are coming up. I am ready for some green growing things and flowers. Lots of flowers. :)