Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quiet Time

Even though that nasty flu bug seems to have finally departed, it has left me somewhat worn down.  So there hasn't been anything in the way of sewing or food processing going on here lately.  I am mostly catching up on the chores that fell by the wayside while I was down.  Laundry took priority today as well as getting rid of those science experiments gone bad in my fridge.

I have spent some time on my computer the last couple of days.  It was nice to catch up on reading many of the blogs I enjoy.  It was not so nice to catch up on the news.  It seems the left still have their panties in a twist over the election results and they don't seem inclined to stop acting like tantrum throwing toddlers any time soon.  I read today about some who screamed like demented banshees in order to disrupt the opening prayer at a town hall meeting  and then continued during the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those on the right are not entirely blameless, either.  I understand that the favorite sport of politicians has always been to take pot shots at one another, but it seems like the mood in our country has gone way beyond mere insults.  I'm not so sure that the divide can be mended.

Some believe that the new administration will cure what ails us.  Others believe it will ruin us.  Most folks don't seem to care as long as they can watch sports on their big screen TVs, buy whatever they want at their local grocery whose shelves are always full or can get the newest electronic gadget.  They think life will continue as it always has.  Maybe it will.

But then again, maybe it won't.

Me...I have no faith in governments.  I have no illusions that they are on my side.  So I have been spending time assessing my preps and making a list of those things where I am not as well prepared as I should be.  The list includes where I can find these things and the most economical place to buy them.  I don't think anyone can be completely ready for whatever comes our way, but it just makes sense to me to give it my best shot.

God tells us that He will provide.  I know this is true, for He has blessed me with family who care and with the means to do what I need to do.  I'm not talking about providing me with a truckload of money, for that is not the case.  And I don't think for a minute that God will send someone to my door with a sandwich and a Coca Cola when I am hungry.  I am talking about providing me with the opportunities to learn the skills that will help me and my family should our world go sideways.  I am talking about giving me the clear vision to see that all is not well.  

I am noticing that many are slowing down on their preparations.  Even though I feel more hopeful than I have for a long time, now is not the time to back off.  About the time we become complacent is the time when we usually are smacked between the eyes with a 2x4.  I have always thought that after 6 days of creation and a day of rest, God said, "OK, Murphy.  You are in charge now."

I suspect I am preaching to the choir here.


  1. People forget that most emergencies are NOT political.

    1. Gorges...You are right. So often I read a blog or watch a video where the author is prepping for an economic collapse or an EMP event or the breakdown of government and the resulting marshall law. While these things are within the realm of possibility, it is more likely that a father of four could lose his job and be unable to feed his family. Or health issues could wipe out a person's savings. It is the normal happenings of life that can knock the stuffing out of us and leave us in a very bad place unless we have prepared for whatever comes. I wish I could get some of those near and dear to me understand that.

  2. Things look better than they have for a long time, though. George the First was an aristocrat with no understanding of life in the real world. Bill Clinton: those were bad times. Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Gun Ban, right on down the line.
    George II was a nice guy but essentially a pawn of his advisors, and he got us into a lot of trouble.
    Barack Hussein? Words just fail me.

    I'm all for President Trump. I've been glad to see how much he's done in his first few weeks, and look forward to a lot more of the same.

    Even so, given the fact that half the country is comprised of Obama worshipers, I'm looking for chinks in my armor, and gaps in my planning. It's a teetering structure we live in, and it won't take much to collapse it.

    1. Harry, you are much more articulate than me. I fully agree that we have cause to be more hopeful than we have had in many years. If last night's speech is any indication, we have good reason to hope for better things to come. It is the childish behavior of the Obama/Clinton people that worry me. Perhaps childish is the wrong description, although I don't know how else to describe their whining, crying, tantrum throwing behavior. It is that the tantrums have evolved into vicious, rabid and violent behavior. And the disrespect they displayed toward the widow of a hero last night was appalling, as is their open disrespect for the President as well as for the rule of law.

      I agree that we are still on very shaky ground, which is why I am working so very hard at shoring up my weak spots. Given that the gloves are off and the political left has openly displayed their hatred and they refuse to lift a finger to do their jobs for those who elected them, I think we need to be even more diligent in our preparations. Just saying...

  3. So what color are the choir robes anyway?

    It's funny, I've read on other blogs that people are slowing down their preps as well. Perhaps we're reading the same blogs. I'm more like the Little Engine that Could - I just keep chugging away with what I can do. There are limitations to preps here in an apartment that I just have to live with. I do what I can within my budget and energy.

    Last week I finished my first crochet project - a new scarf. Then I took on a matching stocking cap since I had leftover yarn. The hat is a little whimsical to say the least (ie, it turned out a little big) but not so bad that I wanted to rip it apart.

    Yesterday, I started seeds for my garden. I had purchased a warming mat last month and a tray to put on top of the mat. This process is new to me but will be a great skill to have. It's been on my to-do list for a long time and now was the time. In the long run starting my own plants from seed should save money and give me more control of what I'm growing.
    Best close here. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC.

    1. Greetings, SJ...Choir robes - how about red, white and blue. Seems appropriate. :)

      You and I are pretty much in the same boat called an apartment. Even with creative thinking as to ways to store goods, it is still a limited solution. Every other week when I order groceries, I make a point to order extra canned goods or dry goods like cornmeal, oatmeal, dry milk, etc. Even with the new shelving, I am finding it a challenge as to where to put it all. And then I look at my list of stuff I need to get to fill in the gaps (candles, matches, canning lids, oil lamps and fuel, etc., etc., etc.) and I have no earthly idea where I will store them. Problem is, if there comes an emergency situation I will have a need for all those things. Sigh.

      Good for you on the crochet projects. I have made scarves before, but have never tried to crochet a hat. I do have some patterns gleaned from the internet that might be fun. I would love to see what you have been doing.

      As you know, I am unable to garden, but I can garden vicariously through your comments on the subject. When I did have a garden I always had to buy my starter plants. You have a green thumb. I have a black one when it comes to indoor growing. I murdered my windowsill herbs and I could never get starter plants for the garden to grow. They would sprout just fine and grow maybe an inch or two and then would promptly lay down and die. I have heard about the warming mats. Let me know how that works for you. I'm so glad you will have a garden again this year, for when you tell me about it, I can almost feel the rich, black earth between my fingers. :)

  4. Smiling more- my green thumb is selective and limited to outdoor gardening. True story - I rented a room from a lady when I was in college. After being there 6 months (truth),I decided to water the fern in the room. When the water gushed out the bottom of the pot, I realized the fern was plastic. I kept wondering why it was still green. hahaha.
    The crochet hat was actually pretty easy. Cast onthe number of stitches for the 'height' of the hat from brim to tip. Then crochet enough rows to go around your head. Then sew that into a tube. Gather the top bit. Mine ended up a bit too wide and a bit lumpy at the top but I'm quite happy with it actually.
    Red, white and blue robes sound great.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. SJ...Giggle, snort...Watering a plastic fern is something I might do!!! And I am convinced that the only greenery to survive for me indoors is either plastic or silk. :)

      Thanks for the instructions for the hat. That's so easy that maybe even I can do it! I have some leftover yarn here, so I might have to try a scarf and hat. I don't have a TV, but I like to find a movie on computer now and then in the evenings and it is nice to have a project going that can be done with a minimum amount of concentration. Most times I do hand sewing then, but I get tired of the same thing. This will make a nice change. :)