Saturday, April 7, 2018


It is 14 degrees outside tonite.  Mother Nature really needs an attitude adjustment.

Even with the cold temps, I am finding out that popsicles are a good thing.  Popsicles are also addicting.  Just ask my kids who are feeding my addiction.

A cleaning lady who will swamp out the inside of my refrigerator without being asked is worth her weight in gold.

I think I may be  little bit burned out in the crochet department.  Time to do something else for a while.  Maybe work on the stacks of quilt pieces waiting to be sewn together.

A train had five cars jump the tracks.  I live half a block from the railroad tracks.  I am glad the derailment occurred on the other end of town away from any houses.  Small blessings are good.

Granddaughter Boston was in a dance competition this week.  Her Dad called to tell me that of the three highest awards in the tap dancing category, one of them went to Boston.  Way to go, girl!!  Grandma is proud of you.

The three youngest grands, Boston, Maddie and Jacob, called me a few days ago.  There was no special reason.  Just wanted to know how I was doing and to tell me what they had been up to.  I love those calls.

More snow is on the way Sunday.  I now understand why the 'global warming' people changed their tune and now talk about 'climate change.'  Not much warming going on here.

I have all the sympathy in the world for those kids who lived through the school shooting in Florida.  But I truly hope the 15 minutes of fame is nearly at an end for those few who think they know best when it comes to gun control.  I wonder if they know how badly they are being used by the gun hating politicians.

I believe it is time to do some baking.  I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies and maybe a batch of cupcakes.  Chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting.  One can never, ever have too much chocolate.

And that's pretty much the extent of the excitement here in my little home sweet apartment.  Next week may be even more exciting.  I hear we might have a warming trend.  Might hit 40 degrees.  Happy dance time!


  1. You're blessed to have such caring grandkids. Hitler, Stalin and Mao would have loved those stupid school kids on TV.Of course, those kids have probably never even heard of Stalin and Mao, since schools don't teach inconvenient truths. Woke to 1" of snow on the ground here this morning. Bah! Humbug!

    1. Gorges...Those grands are a hoot! They live on the other side of the city, close to an hour away, so I don't get to see them often, but the phone calls make up for it.

      I kind of feel sorry for those school kids. They just haven't lived long enough to know much about the real world and they are being used by the left to push gun control. I don't know about you, Gorges, but at age 16 I thought I knew everything, but when I grew up common sense kicked in and I found my ideas and attitudes completely changed. The media will tire of them soon and they can go back to being kids.

      Bah! Humbug! indeed. I'm guessing the Mighty Dachshund is not pleased about having to go out in the snow. Our next round of snow should blow in here tomorrow. I am so done with winter.

  2. I think we got to 50degrees last week. Not sure though.
    Today it was Rain with a capital R. I got absolutely soaked and dirty at two of my community gardens. Both had work days and compost deliveries today. I was thrilled that my health has improved enough to be in each garden an hour or so. Enough time to spread my share, help a bit and visit a bit.

    The hot shower when I came home was welcome..that compost was ripe!

    Cheers, SJ

    1. SJ...So glad to hear of your improving health, my friend. Even if it meant you were well enough to deal with the odoriferous compost!

      I have been checking the weather radar now and then, and it looks like the snow will arrive sometime this afternoon. On the up side, we should have one 50 degree day in the middle of the week before the temps fall again. Honest to God, I have never seen a spring as late as this one. Might as well just skip it and go directly into summer. :)

      Just puttering about today with no plan in mind. And I am ok with that!

  3. If I had banana popsicles, I would devour them. An, this post has made me want them. I may have to buy banana popsicles when I go out next.

    1. Linda...I have been on a popsicle kick lately. Don't know why. Maybe because they are refreshing and the only preparation is to take them out of the box. :)

      I love the banana ones, too. And the rootbeer. My daughter brought me a box of tropical fruit flavored popsicles. One of the flavors was pineapple, and that was really good, too.

  4. Now I don't feel so guilty about the thought of having a nice, large, heavily frosted slice of cake. Good of your Gkids to keep in touch, that's also an indicator of the considerate, caring parents they have.