Sunday, December 16, 2018

Family Pictures For Kelly

When my brother was here we looked at old pictures of ancestors that I have saved on my computer.  He asked me to email them to him, but I decided to put them here so I could write better descriptions than I could via email.  Plus I seem to have a talent for screwing things up when I try to email pictures.  :)

Kelly - To enlarge each picture just click on it.  You can right click - Save image as, to save to your computer.   As a reference in case you didn't know, this is how the lineage works...

Our grandfather was Clifford Alton Matheny - grandmother was Rachel Alzora (Allie) Olmstead.
Our great-grandfather was Hiram King Matheny - great-grandmother was Aletha Zarade Smith.
Our great-great-grandfather was William Matheny - great-great-grandmother was Elizabeth Everhart.

Here are the pictures in no particular order:

Clifford and Allie on their wedding day - December 1879.

Clifford and Allie - date unknown.

Dad and Grandma in Blackduck, June, 1946.

Mom and Grandma, June 1946.

Grandma with 8 of her 9 children.  Veda was in California at the time and didn't make it home for Grandma's 80th birthday in 1950.  Taken in the front yard of the old home place.
Left to right:  Grandma, Lois, Ronald, Vera, Kenneth, Keith, Clarice, Bruce and Ralph.

Hiram King Matheny, taken in the mid-1930's.

Hiram and Aletha family.  The tall boy in the back is Grandpa Clifford and the small boy on the right is Harley.  The girls in front are Sarah on the left and Bertha in the middle.  The girls in back are Maude and Esther, but I'm not sure which is which.  Taken about 1890.

Family of Hiram and Aletha.   In the back Harley is on the left and Clifford on the right.  I think Bertha  is in front between her parents, but I am not sure of the identity of the others.

Our great-great great grandparents, William Matheny and Elizabeth Everhart.

Family of William and Elizabeth.  They are on the far right in front.  I think Hiram is on the far left in front.  I'm not sure who is who with the rest of them.  Their names are (oldest to youngest):  Mary Jane, George Leander, Hiram King,  Simon Peter, Hannah Anne, Jesse Newton, William Andrew, Sarah Elizabeth and Minnie Orrilla.

That's all the pictures I have for now, brother of mine.  Enjoy!


  1. You certainly did some work on this project. How great for you and your cousin.
    From your last comment - I only wish there was a doggie rain hat for MrDog. His coat is such a sponge for water. And, no --his coat is royal blue. Funny story - his breeder identified him as the 'royal blue' puppy and that's been his color all along. For awhile, my rain coat matched but only because both coats were bought on sale. Now, my rain gear is a safety-yellow reflector jacket. It's so dark here most of the time when I walk him, I needed the 'reflective' stuff to keep us safe.
    Still praying for you and Duane and the rest of the family. There's a blog I found called 'how to get on'. I'll try and find the exact url for next time. It has some great advice as well as stories by people who've been disabled both long term and short term. You might find it useful, I did.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. Here is the web site:

      Hugs, SJ

    2. SJ...I suppose somebody somewhere makes them, but I always wanted little yellow rain slickers and matching Sou'wester rain hats for my little Yorkies. Chalk it up to my weird sense of humor. :) I did have little turtleneck sweaters for when I walked them in the middle of winter.

      Continuing prayers are so very welcome. It is going to be a long haul, by the sound of it. Duane is going to need all the strength he can muster to relearn what his body has forgotten how to do.

      Here at home, I am realizing just how much I have relied on Duane for the little things - reaching something in the bottom of my freezer or from the space above the cupboards where I store little used items like my big roaster pan. Or mailing off my bills for me. I need to make some changes now.

      Thank you for the link. I checked it out and will go through it more carefully very soon. There are all sorts of resources for both Duane and me that I wouldn't have thought of. I think it will be more than useful.

    3. My heart goes out to you for the upcoming changes. I know for me, adjusting to my 'new normal' was hard and still is sometimes. I hope you both can ease into what's coming up.
      The blog info I sent you was one I wish I had found when I was first sick. Hope it's useful.
      Still praying for you. It's just who I am.

    4. Don't mean to hog your blog but just thought of another resource. Have you thought of contacting the United Way? Here, they have a lot support services for seniors and/or people who are housebound.

    5. SJ...First - friends never, ever 'hog my blog.' It is more like having a conversation at the kitchen table with coffee and cookies, which I have no doubt we would do if we lived close.

      Change is not easy for me, either. I have resisted making any moves and Duane has made it possible for me to stay where I am. But he needs to take care of himself without worrying about his mother.

      I am not going to jump into anything, but will talk it all over with my kids. I will also be in touch with my caseworker for nursing and cleaning services. They have many other services that may help. He had already been looking for a more suitable place for me to live independently until I told him I wanted to stay here, so I may have him resume the search. I will keep United Way in mind so I can compare services and costs.

      Duane, as well as my other kids, have done so much for me so I could live the way I want to. Now I think it may be time for me to find alternatives. Duane needs to concentrate on recovery - not on worrying about his mother.

      One day at a time. :)

    6. Yes, definitely one day at a time. But perhaps the 'light in the tunnel' could be a place on the ground floor or at least with an elevator. Somewhere you could easily get out with a walker or scooter. Another friend got a scooter last year and said it changed her life. She got a model that is easily disassembled into three pieces and fits into a car trunk.
      Yes, I think a cup of coffee and some cookies shared at a kitchen table would be something we'd do if we were neighbors in real life. But I'll take being friends here in cyberspace. I'm blessed by the connection and friendship here.
      MrDog sends a wag your way as well. We're off shortly for our walk around the neighborhood. No rain today, just a little overcast and very warm for December.
      Cheers, SJ

    7. SJ...I'm not going to make major decisions right away, but will give it some serious thought. Ground floor or at least a building with an elevator would be an improvement.

      It sure would be fun to meet in person, but like you, I will settle for and cherish my online friendships. Coffee and cookies would be nice, though. :)

      It was above freezing today, which was welcome. Not much snow left on the ground and none in sight, which is fine with me. Tell MrDog the wag was received with pleasure. :)

      I am off to work on the afghan. Haven't been able to concentrate on much the past few days, but now things are settling down and I really want to be done with it and on to the next project. Thanks for all the support, my friend.

  2. I have pictures of my ancestors, but no-one to leave them to. You're blessed, Vicki.

    1. I am very much blessed, Gorges. When I showed these pictures to my brother, he said he had not seen many of them. I'm glad I could share them.