Tuesday, February 14, 2023

What's Next?

 It doesn't seem to matter where we look. There is chaos and confusion everywhere.  

The latest insanity is the speculation about the objects in our skies that are being shot down.  Are they weather balloons?  Are they spy capsules?  Or are little green men from Mars going to parachute down and demand to see our leader?  If it is the latter, I do believe they will be sorely disappointed.

The headlines are full of other events that promise to destroy us all.

Guess what.  I simply no longer care.

Those in charge who think they are so smart - let them deal with it all.  Most of the problems originated with them anyway, to distract us from whatever criminal, stupid or mean thing they are trying to hide.  They are going to do exactly what they want to do, including lying, stealing and cheating.  And we know that no matter how much the congress critters fuss and fume and pontificate, nothing will change.

I will still glance at the headlines so I know when to duck and cover.  And I will continue to fill my pantry to feed and take care of my family should the worst happen.  But no longer will I wade through the layer of bull crap they are spreading.  I have better things to do.

I have adult children and grandchildren and great grandchildren that I love more than my life.  I have close friends that I love as well.  They deserve my time and attention way more than do some lying critters in DC who wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit them on the bum.

So yesterday I sorted out some of my fabric stash, looking for and finding enough fabric suitable for the backs of a couple of quilts.  And I found enough leftover yarn for another crocheted afghan.  Tomorrow I plan to bake bread and chocolate chip cookies.  

It is raining here today.  Raining hard.  The snow that fell earlier this year is gone.  We are having 40 degree days.  Normally we are up to our elbows in snow and shivering in sub zero temps.  I am enjoying this while I can.  This is Minnesota, after all, and we can expect at least one more snowstorm before the lilacs bloom in the spring.

And all of the above makes more sense to me than laying awake at night, worrying about how our government is going to screw us next.

We have lives.  It is time to live them the way we want and with the blessing of God.


  1. Perhaps those green martians would beam up the idiot in that white house in dc -- wouldn't that be something..LOL.
    I rarely watch the news any more for the same reasons. And I'm losing interest in real time tv. Give me the reruns of old shows any day - I'm currently working my way through Cagney and Lacey from the 90s. What a hoot - the story lines aren't as 'real' and the cars and clothing styles give me a chuckle.

    Puppy girl is fast asleep after making sure the neighborhood was safe from all the delivery and maintenance people who were around today. I had a great dental checkup and am very happy with the coverage available from my new dental plan. Life is good. And -- I love living in my small town.Cheers - SJ now in California

    1. Hello Anonymous....loved your comment. Also love those old time TV shows! I watch The Golden Girls every night------so many times I could play a part. LOL! I guess it's my bedtime addiction! LOL!

    2. SJ...At the end of the day, nothing will change until elected government jobs are no longer money makers and I don't see that change coming any time soon.

      Personally, I am winding down on the days I have left, and I would rather take as much joy as possible from them than to waste them on crooked politicians.

      Puppy Girl reminds me of my son's dog, Oreo, who has the self-imposed duty to make the family aware of every threat from squirrels and delivery men. God has really blessed us with wonderful companions!

  2. Hi Vicki...great post!! I turned 79 last month and have decided , as you have, that watching the news, reading Twitter, etc. is a waste of valuable energy. My storage cupboards are stocked, I finished doing my taxes last eve, got my drivers license renewed last week.....I am now in what I call "rest easy" mode. I stopped watching TV news last month....it's nothing but "blah, blah opinions"! I peruse the internet daily for about an hour to see what's happening, then move on to watch good old classic movies on TCM. I hate "schedules" because I lived my life meeting "schedules"!! Now I don't anymore....it's a lovely, free feeling...everyday I tell myself "just keep things simple and relax"! I am blessed with good health (so far) so I cherish every day and thank the Lord for these blessings daily. I have learned so many good, valuable lessons from your blog and must say "Thank you so much"!! Bless you and please continue to pass on your thoughts and valuable information. God Bless!

    1. lynney62...Isn't retirement the most wonderful thing? I can't figure out how some retirees say they are bored. I am guessing that you and I are never bored.

      I am so glad that God has blessed you with good health. But even we who are not so blessed can still keep busy. Keeping the pantry stocked is important, but so is our 'free' time. Every now and then I will take a 'quiet day' just to relax and refresh. It helps if I don't dive deeply into the latest talking points. Frankly, I often find them as silly as a conversation with a toddler. :)

      God bless. I am so very glad to see your comments.

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    1. LindaG...It is always a joy to see your comments. God bless.

  4. Its the hypocrisy of all of their blather that gets my goat. We are told what we should be doing, how we should live, and in the meantime "they" are doing the exact opposite on our dime. A pox on them all. I seldom even look at the TV set, I am planning this year's garden (although my knees aren't in agreement), hoping to get some chicks hatched in a couple of months, and a couple of rabbits bred. Somehow, just imagining that I am fighting back by being more independent of the system, gives me more energy.

    1. As my family will tell anyone who will listen, I do not do well with anyone telling me what to do or telling me how they think I should live. And to listen to fools who don't have the sense God gave a goose is just too much. These days I look at headlines so I have an idea of which lie they expect me to believe this week and then get on with my real life.

      I agree completely that every step I take to remain as independent as possible gives me strength. And the satisfaction of a bit of nose thumbing as well. :)

  5. the terrible chemical poisoning from the train derailment in ohio is being ignored and overshadowed by balloons
    the terrible poisons will kill animals and people and poison crops for decades

    1. deb...Those in that area need prayer, for I fear they will not get the help they need. I don't know what caused the train derailment or the fires, but you are right in that the area will continue to suffer.

  6. Funny; the sole resident of the White House Memory Care Center went from watching a "Chinese spy balloon" transnavigate our entire country to shooting down anything, regardless of the fact that he doesn't know what they are, what they do, or where they come from. ...And then he yells and wags his finger at us, lecturing us on "gun" control! ...It would be sweet poetry to see someone break that finger!!!

    I peruse the "headlines" to figure out which way the governmental *hitstorm is headed, and then walk away from it to do what it takes to ensure surviving it. ...The folks who survived the sinking of Titanic didn't just sit there watching the water rise, hoping for it to go down again... They were the first ones who headed for the lifeboats!

    God bless, Vicki!

    1. Pete...I do pretty much what you do. I keep track of headlines to see which way the wind is blowing. And then I get on with my life. And much of that is working on whatever it takes to keep my family going in the worst of circumstances. Food in jars. Dehydrated foods. Medical supplies. Warm blankets. Etc. Not because I think I am some sort of 'super prepper,' but because this is how I was raised and this is a lifestyle, as it was for generations before me.

      That finger you mentioned that is pointed at us while lecturing about gun control and whatever else he wants us to give up or do in the name of whatever fantasy he is living in at the moment - yeah. There is the desire to break it off and hand it to him. I can not make myself listen to him. Sends my blood pressure sky high.

      Stay safe, my friend and may God richly bless you and yours.

  7. we live near palestine ,ohio
    of course the wind shifted, began to blow hard from the south
    we did not know then what it was but daughter, putting out the garbage, said there was a miasma in the air, so she held her breath
    it doesn't matter where you live something can happen near you or be blown toward you, or infect the water supply
    the EPA seems to be AWOL on this disaster
    as patara says you are on your own
    we will all pray for each other, remember that He said that He would foreshorten the time so that there would still be life.
    don't know what else to do
    pray for the palestinians and everyone downstream and downwind.
    their homes are uninhabitable and nothing from the surrounding farms may be safe [even if it survives] for decades

    1. deb, I am so very sorry that this disaster is affecting you and your daughter. Nobody in the current administration seems to care. I don't know what to do except to pray for you and others that are in the path of this horrible chemical burn off.