Monday, June 5, 2023

I don't understand...

 why the gay comunity needs an entire month to celebrate their sexual preferences.

I have absolutely nothing against anyone in the gay community.  I have gay friends and family members.  Their preferences have nothing to do with my love for them.  

What I fail to understand is why anyone would discuss in public the things they do in the privacy of their bedrooms.  Or hold a parade dedicated to their sexual wants and needs.

Thing is...I simply do not care what someone else does as long as it does not involve hurting others.

I would expect that grown-ups might find a better use of their time.


  1. It's simple, Vicki; these people want a month to SATURATE our lives with Sodomite behavior in the hopes that it will become "normal" in our minds. They don't seem to understand that for most folks, seeing same-sex porn on TV and in movies is REPULSIVE! It will NEVER be "normal" in my mind! ...And pushing this kind of thing on CHILDREN is at very least CRIMINAL!!!

    The big mistake these people are making is thinking that God will have any more mercy on our society than He did on Sodom and Gomorrah!

    1. Pete...I am just so very sick and tired of people pretending that the rest of us are interested in their sex lives. The only time I might have an interest is when children are involved. Celebrating perversions is never, ever even close to being normal.

      It is obvious that no amount of ranting on my part will change anything. What I can do is pray and let God sort it out.

  2. Prayer was removed from schools as was any mention of the Bible. Where'd anyone think the country would end up? Or is that just me?

    BTW --- so glad you're posting again!
    SJ now in California.

    1. SJ...Pete is right. It is not just you. There are many who believe that removing any reference to God from the public sphere was the beginning of the perverse craziness we now see around us. Sadly, I do not see anyone willing to take a stand that would make a difference.