Friday, June 2, 2023

Stack It High

 We're talking about food here.  Since the debt ceiling bill passed and no doubt will be signed, reports indicate that we ain't seen nuthin' yet as far as food inflation is concerned.  We have always said, "Stack it to the rafters."  Now might be the time to go beyond.

Due to physical restraints and just plain old age, I have my groceries delivered.  This service makes life much easier for me as well as many others of my vintage who find mobility to be a problem.  But once in a while they get it wrong.  Just a minor thing. 

Right now I am concentrating on dehydrating food.  Four bags of frozen hash browns dried overnght and are cooling down so I can package them for storage.  Hash browns are really handy to have.  I just soak enough for a meal in water for about 20 minutes, drain and fry.

I had ordered 6 bags of frozen corn to dehydrate.  What I got was 6 cans of corn.  Sigh.  The corn is still food and the cans will go on the shelf.  The corn to dehydrate will be ordered for the next devery.  

Frozen veggies are my favorite for dehydrating.  They have already been blanched for freezing, so all I need to do is spread them out on dehydrator trays and dry them.  Many vegetables do not rehydrate well enough to use as a side dish.  I mostly add them to soups I make in the crockpot where they do rehydrate over time or I turn them into powders to add as flavor to many dishes.

Corn, however rehydrates well  But mostly I grind it up in my mini food processor and add it to my cornbread recipe.  Adding the corn gives cornbread a wonderful corn flavor.

And now I am off to my kitchen where I wil cry for a time.  No, I am not sad.  But I do have onions to peel and chop for drying.

A question before I go.  Has anyone ever dehydrated meat?  I have seen videos on the subject, but still am not sure about trying it.  I am thinking mostly chicken or hamburger, as I use those two more often.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, please share.

Please, my friends, do not slack off on your preparations.  The current administration will gladly provide illegales with cell phones, housing, food stamps, medical care and anything else they need.  However, you - American citizen - are on your own.  Do whatever you can to make it through hard times.

And by all means - pray!


  1. As expected, the professional wrestlers in DC have ensured that America's rocket sled ride to hell continues unabated, and are now most likely sharing drinks together at the local bar. More and more people will be able to afford less and less. This is a vicious cycle that left
    unchallenged will spiral with increasing velocity to the jagged rocks below. Indeed, we should be buying and storing as much food as we can, as it'll only cost more in a month or two.

    I've never dehydrated meat before, but did buy my dehydrator from someone who used it for jerking beef. You might try doing searches in that direction.

    As for the country, if schoolchildren can be abruptly halted from signing the Star Spangled Banner in the Capitol Building in the run-up to Memorial Day, the capitol police calling it "a form of protest" that "might offend somebody," NOTHING is safe... Oh; and they HAD PERMISSION TO SING THERE.

    Warning: watching this will make any true American cry, and will then make them ANGRY!

    God bless, Vicki!

    1. Pete...I watched the video. I saw a small choir of children - CHILDREN - patriotically singing in the capitol. It was obvious that they had put time and effort into their performance, as had their director. They were enjoying doing something they were proud of - and rightly so - and something that they would have told their grandchildren about. Until some boneheaded security guards stopped the performance. Really?

      So here is my take on this. Apparently it is OK for children to attend Drag Queen story hour. But a kid's choir singing the National Anthem in the Capitol is offensive. Nope. Not having it.

      Anger doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about this.

      I fully expect that under the control of the left, prices - especially food prices - will skyrocket. My groceries were delivered yesterday. I am already working on my list for two weeks from now. I fear time is short. If we can not take care of ourselves, it is all over but the crying.

      Pray like never before.

  2. I have dehydrated ground beef. I browned it, drained off any grease, rinsed it, drained it, and put it on the dehydrator at 155° for 6-8 hours (until thoroughly dry and firm) 1lb=4oz dried.

    My sister has dehydrated turkey, but I'm not sure of that technique; the "recipe" she uses may be from Rain Country.

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep on stacking!

    1. sbrgirl...Thanks for the instructions for drying ground beef. I think I will give it a try. I have been looking for alternate methods of preserving meat other than canning or freezing. It is about that old adage about all the eggs in the same basket. :)

      It is easy - at least for me - to slack off, thinking I have enough stored. There is never enough if things keep the direction we are in. So we keep stacking and praying!

  3. Hi, so glad you are back! i dehydrate beef. I had too much in the freezer due to being gifted a lot. i defrosted it in the fridge, drained off the liquid, sliced thinly, and stirred in bar b q sauce. Left in the fridge another day to marinate. then took it out and drained it a bit, layed it on trays with the sheets on it so it wouldn't drip between layers. Dried in the dehydrator. It's absolutely wonderful! Liked it so much I now have a five gallon can full.

  4. should have added: the meat was raw when i started out. the dehydrator cooks it at a low temperature. Just use whatever marinade you like and dehydrate according to dehydrator directions. i also dehydrated raw marinated ground beef. it is ok too, but it needs to be very lean. Even then i had to drain it and blot after drying. I haven't had it go rancid. It is good too and easier to chew. So glad you are posting again. I identify with you so much in age and circumstances.

    1. janie...Your marinated dried beef sounds wonderful. And I am willing to bet that my grands would love it. I have a couple of packages of beef lurking in the bottom of my freezer. I had planned to can them, but think I will try this instead. Thank you so much for sharing this idea.

      The age and circumstances you and I are in can be overwhelming at times. It does help to know we are not alone.

      A sense of humor also helps. I have a friend who moves slowly at times. Arthritis keeps me moving at a turtle's pace. So whenever I am feeling low and am whining about it, I often get an email from her saying, "Turtles of the world - Unite!" Makes me smile.

      I just couldn't stay away. I so missed all of you. Take care.

  5. Vicki,

    I totally understood the reason behind your initial decision to stop blogging as I've been there myself, but I missed you. So glad you are back to posting. I think I can speak for all when I say that the downhill slide really accelerated while you "paused." Please don't do it again. We're all working as hard as we can to prep. We need every minute.

    Then again, with all the horrific things going on, especially the filth destroying children, maybe it's time to get the show on the road.

    1. Jennifer...I am back mostly because I missed everyone, but also because I have a really hard time keeping my mouth shut about the current insanity surrounding us. And as you know, it is escalating. We may soon be out of time.

      There has to be a special place in hell for those who are destroying our children. And for that reason, getting the show on the road can not come soon enough.

  6. you got me putting in an order for more first aid supplies and veterinarian meds. I had been slacking on both lately. Sigh. And I went to the 5Quarter Store this morning looking for some deals. Made a comment to the cashier that I had found some things that were new to me. She replied that Saturdays are the best shopping days since their delivery truck comes on Fridays. Good to know! I divided my purchases there between food and miscelaneous household. Sadly, I noticed the frozen veggies had gone from a 16oz bag to either 12oz or 10oz. And the 100count box of tea bags was no longer available.Stay safe everyone. SJ now in California

    1. SJ...That's one thing I really love about this group of folks who comment here. Often they say something that reminds me that I need to do this or that!
      I have been noticing that with some items, the size of the packaging remains the same, but the contents are less than before. So far I am able to get everything I order through my grocery delivery service, but I have to say I would not be surprised if that changes.
      Take good care.

    2. Thanks to this post, I got puppygirl a full year's supply of flea meds ordered today. And over the weekend I got some first aid supplies as well as hand and foot lotion and shampoo ordered for me. Slow and steady wins the race, right? SJ now in California

    3. Slow and steady works well for the "Turtles of the World Unite" crowd. :)
      I am so grateful for those who comment here, for they remind me of things I may have forgotten.
      I wonder if you have thought about worm medication for puppygirl. Dogs like to sniff everythig, incuding poo left behind from other dogs. That's only one way they can pick up worm eggs. I only mention this because I have had problems with dog worms in the past and they can be deadly.

  7. Vicki~ Thank you for the information on the ground beef. Tomorrow I am canning sweet potatoes and potatoes. Also cooking the 5 pounds of lean bacon @ $2.50 a pound (instead of $5.99) I picked up at a 1 day only sale from the Meat Dept.

    The USDA wants people to register their gardens.
    Imagine an early morning raid to strip all your fruits and veggies because there are more deserving people that need to eat all your hard work. There is a Holodomor in the making for this Nation and Planet.

    For teas, herbs and spices, I go here.

  8. Red...Good for you on the sale bacon. Here the price per pound has been as high as $7.99. I buy it only when it is on sale. Some time back I canned lots and I am glad I did.

    Register gardens? Really? The only reason to register anything is so government types know where to find and seize. Nope. Don't think so. The less they know about us, the better.

    Totally agree with your mention of Holodomor. Nearly every problem with our food supply is caused by DC decisions.
    Keep stacking!!